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  • Dow AgroSciences, true innovators

    I know you'll all appreciate this. The attached picture is an ad for Dow in the latest issue of The Atlantic. It's a little blurry, so I'll transcribe:

    I am the Human Element in the daily challenge of putting abundant, healthy food on the world's table. To that end, we develop crops to make healthier oils with no trans and reduced saturated fatty acids. That's the story of Omega-9 Oil, a true innovation born of Nexera(TM) canola and sunflower seeds. It's an elegant solution. The kind you might expect at the intersection of science and humanity.

    Dr. Patrick Adu-Peasah
    Dow AgroSciences
    Where the heck to begin? I guess what most annoys me about this ad is that it will work. People will read that and say, "hooray, reduced saturated fat!" If S.A.D. eaters already have problems with their Omega 3/6 ratios, I can't imagine what this industrially manufactured Omega 9 will do to them. And of course there's the issue that healthy food is precisely the food that is not innovative, and not freaking trademarked.

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    This is the funniest ad I've seen since Orville's "Whole Grain Popcorn"...
    CW folks want to believe tinkerbelle will live, and they keep clapping and clapping and wondering why she's getting fatter.

    Or something~
    "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
    -Raymond Peat, PhD