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After 30 days of primal, the (blood) results are in!

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  • After 30 days of primal, the (blood) results are in!

    So just came back from the Dr. and got my blood test results. All he said was, "looks good, see you in a year". LOL. I don't know much but they seem good to me. Too bad I didn't take a before/after test to see what the change was. All the results were in mmol/L which I converted to mg/dL. If any of the conversions seem wrong, let me know. Any comments on the results are welcomed.

    Fasting Results

    Glucose - 3.8 mmol/l = 68.4 mg/dL
    HDL - 1.51 mmol/l = 59 mg/dL
    LDL - 2.52 mmol/l = 98 mg/dL
    Triglycerides - 0.19 mmol/l = 17 mg/dL

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    whoa I don't know much either but those look awesome!


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      Originally posted by codeguy
      Great numbers! What were your pre-Primal levels?
      I hadn't been to the Dr. in years so unfortunately I don't have anything to compare with...