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What Are Your Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Grains?

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  • What Are Your Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Grains?

    We all avoid grains, but why? Is it just because its not primal/paleo. This may be the case or some of us while most of us avoid them because they are high carb, contain lectins, because we are intolerant to gluten etc.

    And, simply, meat tastes better... bacon anyone?

    So, what are the top 5 reasons why YOU avoid grains?

    Have some fun with this!!!
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    Here are the major reasons from Cardiologist Dr. Davis: Each article is short & to the point.

    * Wheat - Visceral Fat, Man Boobs, Breast Cancers, blood sugar, Big Belly

    * Wheat-insulin resistance,diabetes,heart disease,hypertension,cancer,arthritis,cartilage destruction

    * Wheat Free Diet gets AMAZING results:

    * Photo of Wheat Belly, weight gain, Bad Cholesterol, Brain Fog, heart disease, lost energy

    * Wheat - Testimonials Fat melting away from not eating grains

    * Wheat - Makes us feel Hungry

    * Wheat Benefits = none, Effects of not eating wheat

    * Wheat - Your Brain on Wheat

    * Wheat Severe Joint Pain, man walks after giving up wheat

    * Wheat the Nicotine of Food contributes MIGHTILY to Diabetes


    * Oatmeal-Rocketing blood sugar, pancreas damage, equal to a bowl of jelly beans

    Best to all,


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      I trust Dr. Davis (of HeartScan blog) who says we have no need for grains, and they are just bad for us.

      In addition, I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and I'd heard that a "sensitivity" to gluten can accompany that condition. I've been low carbing for years, so I really didn't have much gluten, but I did a food elimination test--no grains for a month and then "OD'd" on delicious bread at an Indian restaurant. I was so sick--violent cramping and diarrhea within 2 hours. I realized that my few bran crackers that I had been eating to help with 'regularity' were actually keeping me regular by irritating my colon and intestines! So no more grains for me.


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        -bloating when eaten
        -suicidal depression reappears when grains reappear.
        -Thyroid fucks up even more when grains are eaten
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          +1 naiadknight on bland
          Meat is far tastier
          More room for bacon
          Meats build muscles
          I want to see my abs
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            I thought maybe they made my sinuses and asthma worse. Now that I'm on primal, and see how my sex drive has increased, I think wheat may have a tendency to slow that down considerably as well.


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              1. they are simply not meant to be eaten by humans
              2. do horrendous thing to my blood sugar (probably cos im VLC so a bit bunch of carbs produces excessive BS levels)
              3. time consuming to prepare
              4.aren't particularly tasty
              5. don;t digest well


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                I can eat absurd quantities of things made from grains. I am simply incapable of doing that with non-grain-based foods.

                Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
                Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food


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                  -scratchy poo
                  -bloating, pain in digesting
                  -empty calories, nutritionally void
                  -makes you hungrier, doesn't satiate
                  -everything grizz said
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                    Some of these apply to wheat and some of these apply to grains in general. I'll specify in each answer:

                    1. Wheat gives me horrible gas, bloating and all around gastrointestinal distress.

                    2. Bread/wheat products seem to set off my cravings for sugar. I'm off sugar now, but if I add back wheat It'll soon be hard to break the cycle. Best to avoid them both and then the cravings are minimal to nill.

                    3. I find it easier to achieve and maintain a flatter stomach (attempting to get some ab definition) when I don't eat grains. Goes hand in hand with having less bloat, I suppose.

                    4. Mood is better with no grains - specifically wheat. I'm even, emotionally balanced when I eat primally. I find this to be a huge advantage and motivation to eat as close to primal as possible.

                    5. All around easier to plan meals and grocery shop when you don't have to consider which starch you are going to serve with the veg and protein. I like simple things. This is simple!
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                      1. Allergies. When I don't eat grains, I don't have allergies.
                      2. Morning fog. So much brighter and clearer in the mornings without grain.
                      3. Acne. I thought the acne was all caused by soap, but after over-indulging and acne showing back up again I realize that it's probably both the grains as well as the soap.
                      4. Swelling. I haven't lost much weight but I sure have shrunk everywhere without the grains. Belly, chest, thighs, fingers, toes, etc.
                      5. Aches and pains. My weird jaw pain is gone. My tooth sensitivity to hot and cold is gone. Most of my hip pain is gone. Etc.

                      There are others, but you asked for five. And as you said, if I don't eat grains, that means I get to eat more bacon. Bacon!
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                        I tend to agree with lizch, I didn't think it was even possible to ever give up grains, thought I would give it a go for weight loss as I could never stop at one piece of bread, or toast, or cracker, could eat huge pile of pasta and still want more, same with rice, then I found out that I didn't fart all the time and didn't fall asleep in the afternoon, or have blood sugar issues. Now I know I don't need them or want them, much happier with the food choices I have been making for the last 6 months.


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                          1. Grains are metabolized into fat
                          2. Grainsare addictive and keep you hungry
                          3. Grains cause inflammation of the blood vessels = heart attack and stroke
                          4. Systemic inflammation causes cancer
                          5. Inflammation causes autoimmune disorders


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                            Type 1 Diabetes
                            carbs=sugar= poison to my body=compromised full


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                              Thanks for all the responses guys! I think its best when people lay out the reasons why they themselves personally avoid grains. "Experts" can argue all day why one should or should not eat grains - I think the reasons to avoid them are waaaaay better than the reasons to eat them. But, its always best to hear from ordinary people who want to lead the healthiest life possible.

                              I wonder if there is a grain forum where I can ask why people choose to eat grains? I can think of some reasons but I would love to hear from other people... Maybe I should start a thread in this forum asking why you ever ate grains?
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