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Really low carb menu plan ideas?

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  • Really low carb menu plan ideas?

    Hi all,

    I'm a busy mom with two kids, a university student and I work 30+ hours a week.

    So far, my PB success has been good. I have been maintaining my weight and I feel good, however, I would like to drop about 40 pounds. I believe that dropping my carb intake below 20 is probably the key. I do the occasional sprint and play with my kettlebell about 2x a week.

    I need some ideas for quick menus. I use the same ingredients over and over and I'm getting bored. I don't track my carbs but I'm sure they must be at 50 or above.

    I IF on Tuesdays & Thursdays when I'm at school (about 18-20 hours).

    Can you give me some examples of some quick breakfast, lunch & dinner ideas that will keep me under 20g of carbs? I'm getting so bored!


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    Dana Carpender(sp?) has a great low carb crockpot cookbook out I got it used on Amazon for pretty cheap.

    when I was a working Mom the crockpot was my lifesaver toss it in and turn it on and dinner done with you walk in the door

    roast and carrots/onions in crockpot

    chicken breasts with green chilies, onions pepper and cheese..for Mexican

    pork chops and apples, squash chicken broth

    a great fall dish

    I will see if I can come up with more xoxo Darlene