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Need Substitute Suggestions For Me To Enjoy During Family "Take-Out" Night

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  • Need Substitute Suggestions For Me To Enjoy During Family "Take-Out" Night

    I have had a tradition with my children for many years that Friday is "take-out" night. We get take-out on the way home and sit together as a family and watch a movie. This has been one constant, through many other changes, so I don't want the spirit of the night lost. I am more than happy to stop and get take-out for them. However, I am REALLY trying to stay away from it for myself. I am on day far of PB and, so far, am doing well. I know from past experience how one "cheat" can cascade into a weekend, month, year...of horrible eating.

    Phew, with all that said, what would you suggest I get for myself from either a Chinese restaurant or McDonald's (ha-ha) that is MOSTLY PB/Paleo? I don't mind skipping the rice if I do Chinese. I can honestly not think of ONE thing at McDonald's! Even the salads with their faux-chicken is suspect to me! Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    As a reference/starting point, I used to get a LARGE fry and fish sandwich...and then be hungry about an hour after eating. Weird, right?!


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    How bout just changing it to "Family Cook night", get the kids in the kitchen and make one of there primal favorites.
    Or make something like takeout. Make sum burgers with no buns and sweet potato fries. Mmmm me hungry.
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      hey ya! I second that K.Rob! Grill up burgers, brats, or dogs & roll them in romaine leaves. side of sweetpotato fries with cinnamon, mmmm.
      You can even make almond meal crust mini apple pies, or coconut milk custard for dessert!
      Make a stew or soup where each family member gets to pick one or 2 ingredients...


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        For Chinese, how about roast duck? For take-out, is there a Boston Mkt? Or get roast chicken from KFC. McDonalds is hopeless, don't even walk in the door.


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            Originally posted by Rip City View Post
            yes yes yes! If you have one nearby.

            Chinese is a tough one because it is near impossible to avoid rice, sugar and msg, but maybe it's just really bad in my area. I would actually go for McDonald's before chinese. I saw a guy once (looked like he was bulking up) order 3 1/4-pounder patties. Just the patties. McDonald's will do anything you ask.


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              Chipotle ++ Get the chicken/beef/pork fajita bowl with no rice and extra veggies + salsa, lettuce & guac.

              Alternately I find the salad bar at Whole foods to be a little spendy but excellent, and they list the ingredients on each dish for your convenience. The other night I had curried chicken over a heaping helping of roasted peppers and squash.


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                Yummy! Chipotle sounds great! I was trying to make cauliflower rice this evening. That is not the easiest thing to make...especially when you don't have a food processor. My daughter LOVES Chipotle so maybe we can just shift our focus.

                I would eventually like to shift the focus to "family cook night" but for tomorrow Chipotle will work. I am trying to get the kids converted slowly. I am making mashed "potatoes" but am using cauliflower instead of potatoes with our dinner tonight. I am not going to tell them...we will see what happens :-)! I bought one of those broccoli/cauliflower/carrot packs for myself and mashed that up with just a tablespoon of heavy cream and butter. YUMMY!

                Thanks for the suggestions everyone!



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                  For years I've been ordering steamed shrimp and mixed vegetables from various Chinese restaurants. Many places now even have that on the menu. If you're not sure they understand how you want it, just be sure to say sauce on the side.


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                    Almost all drive-throughs have salads now. I have been doing this for lunch for the past several months...


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                      Oh...another good one: Any of those "mongolian bbq" places where you can make your own plate before they fry it up.


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                        Stay away from take-out chinese - too much soybean oil and MSG.

                        Any fast-food burger place is decent(remove buns for yourself). KFC has that double-down grilled chicken + bacon + cheese, which is not bad, little pricey though. In-N-Out is beautiful, btw.

                        Any korean bbq is pretty good (good dishes minus the rice - added bonus of having tons of veggies usually).

                        Upper scale stuff like CPK has take-out and their salads are pretty generous with not-too-bad ingredients. They also have a good salmon+veggie dish (very pricey though for what you get... ~$20).


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                          Well, the family knew it wasn't mashed potatoes straight away! The kids both ate all their mashed cauliflower. Husband - "I'm more of a potatoes kind of guy." Oh well!

                          Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone. My local Chinese place does do chicken and broccoli steamed (with sauce on the side). I am leaning towards Chipotle, though. That is some good stuff!



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                            TO GO @ apple bee's is a good one kids can get a large sampler app plate and you can get steak and all veggies, no starch and a side salad all to go
                            and if you go between 3-5:30 sample plate is 1/2 price

                            I would do baked Roaster chickens from the store or costco before KFC and a salad

                            you can order any stir fry w/ no sauce, no oil at any chinese rest..
                            stemmed veggies and meat in broth only I have order this many times * W/ a side of butter

                            red robin 100% burger w/ bacon no bun w/ a salad

                            I am w/ making it a fun kids night at home let them help cook and pic a special dish and a veggie dip tray

                            Maybe switch it around eat at home with kids special dish choice and let them choose a
                            movie or a trip to a skating, kids gym ,park or a board game night.. instead of focus of food and going out

                            Good luck
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                              We had a family tradition when I was younger to do sort of a deli platter and movie on friday nights. We had all kinds of cold cuts, crackers, rolls, and then various appetizer like foods we all liked. We prepped it together and then watched a movie or played games. Everyone had their favorite 'munchie' we included in the mix. You might be able to do something like this that is more primal that the kids might like to participate in.

                              Outside of that, can you move your take out to something other then chinese or Mcdonalds? Even if you could shift it to say Wendys you could get by a 'bit' better (bunless burger with a side salad, use your own dressing at home). Not perfect, but better then mcdonalds, that is for sure. You can also get take out at many restaurants that might work a bit better.
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