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Low fat/High fat... where's the logic?

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  • Low fat/High fat... where's the logic?

    OK, I'm having a little trouble understanding why we should limit fat intake on workout days other than to cut back on calories so you don't go over a given amount.

    My typical diet on a WO day is:

    Breakfast: 6 scram. eggs cooked in coconut oil - 540 calories
    Lunch: 2 chicken breasts and veggies - 560 calories
    Dinner - Usually beef or chicken w/ veggies. - 5-600....

    On a non WO day, i have more fat, including EVOO and more red meat. So, i don't think i'm getting too many calories on a WO day. Can someone explain to me what's the beef (lol) with the fat?

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    So more fat equals gaining fat when it is combined with higher carbs; and by restricting fat and upping the carbs, that restricts gaining fat?