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Antioxidant Natural Greens from Tropical Traditions

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  • Antioxidant Natural Greens from Tropical Traditions

    I get the tropical traditions newsletter and they have some awesome deals going on (as always). I noticed that the natural greens product they have is 50% off.


    Take a minute to look at the product. What do you guys think? I know its NOT whole food. BUT, it does have pre and probiotics along with things such as spurulina, Chlorella, and other ionic trace minerals.

    I am considering buying it for smoothies. This with coconut cream concentrate from tropical traditions and maybe 1/2 banana sounds awesome.

    What are your thoughts on it?
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    My previous experience with a greens food replacement was the abysmal taste. I used the one that you find at every GNC, and it was a few years ago to boot.

    That being said: I too thought about buying the tropical traditions greens mixture.


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      It tastes like liquid lawn. Tastes aside, I'm not sure if all the phyto-estrogens from the flax are that good to be consuming.


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        Yea I don't particularly like the flax in it. I don't ever consume flax as I feel the only important omega 3's are DHA and EPA and we all know where to get those!

        There are some decent similar ones on Amazon that do not contain flax. I guess I am just wondering how other primal folks feel about green powders. I personally LOVE smoothies and would thus add this to it. Whey protein, green powder, berries, stevia for a small meal or snack sometimes.
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