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    I am reading Coconut Cures by Bruce Fife and came across the chapter where he talks about a healing crisis. He explains that "Anything that stimulates the body's own recuperative powers has the potential to cause a healing crisis." And he describes a healing crisis as the body's response when you make changes for the better. It can seem counterintuitive because you can often feel worse for a while.

    This certainly fits the carb flu bill, and I certainly experienced that this past month since beginning PB. What struck me tonight as I read this though was this statement:

    "As your health improves you may go through several healing crises. Each one may be accompanied by different symptoms. With each crisis your health is elevated to a higher level. You will gradually feel better and better."

    I have to be completely honest and say that this week has been really hard for me. I've been having doubts about this lifestyle and feeling that I won't be able to stay with it. Each time these thoughts have come, I have been able to remind myself that going back really is not an option--but the wavering feelings have been strong.

    Reading about healing crises tonight helped me tremendously as I extended it from thinking about PB to my recovery work for my eating disorder. I had the most horrific binge today (all primal food, but a binge nonetheless) and was feeling really down about myself and my ED progress. It dawned on me though that part of my recovery entails healing crises just like transitioning to PB does. Three days ago my therapist told me that I am getting well. This is the first time I have heard this from her. One would think that I would have been happy to hear that, and I was, but at the same time it really did a number on me: binging, feeling badly about myself, etc. But now I see that this is all part of it. A healing crisis.

    So back to PB, just because we get through the carb flu doesn't necessarily mean it's all going to be roses from here on in. Depending on our health, there may be more crises to come. The thing to remember about them is what the author of the book said: "With each crisis your health is elevated to a higher level." So I guess what I'm taking from all this is that I just need to keep on, keeping on, and I hope others who are struggling will too.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Originally posted by nunatak View Post
    Thanks for listening.
    You are welcome. Interesting thoughts.

    Yes. Healing crises are a fact of life.
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      Thanks for sharing.

      Im 8 months in and while my "carb-flu" is long gone, my recovery from vegetarianism/SAD is still underway and sometimes I dont feel all that great. Sometimes it effects my appetite and I under-eat, and my progress stalls/ slides back a bit. But I push foward and eat lots of good primal food and I end up in a better place than I started.

      This reminds me of a post in Malpaz' blog about recovery and eating lots so the body can heal, even it its feels worse at first.

      thanks again!


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        Hey meatme. I still need to check out MalPaz's blog. I know she's got so much to say that I am sure I can learn from. Oh and I haven't been back to my journal in days, but will get there again. Thanks again for being my first poster in it. I just need to start actually posting now!!!


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          Wow. I have to read that book (I've only read his coconut cookbook). Just this week I've been thinking about how far I've come in the last year and yet I still don't feel like I expected to with all these good changes. I've been hoping that my body isn't too far gone. Maybe it's still healing? I hope so.


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            I often the wonder about healing crisis. Whenever I add coconut products in to my diet I suffer from terrible fatigue. I never know if that is a healing crisis or an intolerance. I stuck it out for 4 weeks once before caving.

            How does one know if they are having a healing crisis or are doing something that is just not right for their body?
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