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increasin fat intake, omega 3:omega 6 ration

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  • increasin fat intake, omega 3:omega 6 ration

    I hope my English is sufficient to describe my problem without making my post annoying to read...Recently I have started to limit carb intake radically and realized I feel good on much more fat. The problem is I have added more fatty foods like nuts and avocado instead of fats as such. This is because I am in the need for alternatives to grains (I can enjoy eating nuts but I cannot have a huge piece of butter as a snack or part of my breakfast). Now I am afraid of making my nutrition worse than before with all the grains because of having too many omega 6 fatty acids. I am a bit helpless, I currently fave fish 2-3 times a weeks and I am afraid to increase my fish intake too much because of fear of contamination. I am also still reluctant to rely too heavily on animal fat. I am aware that coconut oil is great but same problem as with butter, I cannot snack on coconut oil. I still eat dairy products (whole ones, of course) but I want to limit them, too. Any suggestions? I do notb wish to lose weight for I am a lean person so I need the calories from fat if I do not wish to switch to grains again!