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  • Should I change something?

    I'd like to pick up my weight loss a little more. Over the past 7 weeks I've lost 8 pounds, with most of that being in the first 3 weeks. I average 75 carbs per day, with some days going over 100, and some days under 30. My calorie intake averages 1400, with days as high as 1800 and as low as 750. I normally have an 18 hour fast from dinner on Saturday until lunch on Sunday. I see all this as easily changeable, but I don't know what to change.

    An average day is eggs scrambled with a bit of bacon or sausage and/or veggies (onion, peppers, spinach, mushrooms), lunch of leftovers or salad or sardines, meal of meat and veggies, evening snack of a square of dark chocolate or a small handful of nut and seed trail mix. Two or three times a week I'll have an apple or whatever fruit we have on hand.

    The rain, and schedule changes have hampered my 3 times per week walks when the kids are at dance. The schedule looks like I'll be able to take walks at least 2 times per week when the kids are at dance--should I try to up my mileage over those two days or stay at 3-4 miles each evening? I have about 45 minutes on Tuesday and 60 minutes on Thursday to do this. I could add in more time on Tuesday, but I hesitate because I'll have my older kids with me just before they have class, and I don't want them to be too tired before they have to dance.

    Where do I start?

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    Have you read Mark's Primal Blueprint Fitness e-book? (It's free.) The bodyweight progression he outlines can be done 2x weekly in about 20-30 mins per session and would likely be helpful for you. Strength training has incredible metabolic benefits -- and the aesthetic results are nothing to complain about, either.
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      I haven't read it yet, so I've just now downloaded it. Thanks.


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        averaging a pound a week might be pretty good, depending on your height, weight, and how you were eating prior to going primal. also, after 7 weeks, have you noticed any other benefits? sometimes it's best to ignore the scale and pay more attention to the new whole you're using on your belt, or the way your clothes hang a little looser.
        if you feel like you really do need to amp up your weight loss, you might want to cut your carbs a little bit more, and really closely track everything that goes in your mouth with a site like (i.e., a medium apple is 19.2 carbs).

        if you're only eating 1400 calories per day and not losing much, though, i'm guessing you might be kind of tiny or are nearing homeostasis.

        food is going to be more important than exercise, but PB fitness is great for squeezing in workouts and add that extra jolt for fat loss


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          I ate extremely crappy in the months right before going primal. I'll keep tracking my intake... is there any difference between sites like calorie-count and fitday? I've always used calorie-count because I've had my info in it for years?

          I'll try cutting my carbs down, and looking at the fruits and veggies I eat. What should I aim for in regards to an average of carbs? Fifty-ish? Lower? Higher?

          I'll start looking at more exercise, as I get the PB fitness book read.


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            the only advice I can give on fitday is to add your stuff in there as raw otherwise the program just assumes that you cooked it a certain way.

            I have used livestrong a little but not enough to make any judgments.


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              Originally posted by BarbeyGirl View Post
              Have you read Mark's Primal Blueprint Fitness e-book? (It's free.) The bodyweight progression he outlines can be done 2x weekly in about 20-30 mins per session and would likely be helpful for you. Strength training has incredible metabolic benefits -- and the aesthetic results are nothing to complain about, either.
              Agree. Adding fitness in could be the solution you're looking for.
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                Just a followup on my Fitday versus Calorie-count question:

                Yesterday's totals in Fitday
                1385 calories
                90.8 g fat
                65.3 g carb
                86.3 g protein

                Calorie-count totals
                1455 cal
                92 g fat
                65 g carb
                93 g protein

                Fitday has changed a lot in the past 8 years, it used to only offer macronutrient information now it has the other stuff. It did show me that I'm rather low on some other things and that I should probably supplement (I hate pills but I'd really like to be healthier). I think that calorie-count is easier for me to use though since its what I've used the past couple of years. It had more of the foods I used to eat listed, but I'm thinking thats all changed dramatically anyway. Anyway, this is all neither here nor there. If you see any problems with yesterday's numbers let me know.


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                  Try keeping your carbs down to around 50 and fasting has helped me a tremendous amount. Maybe up your fasting days to 2 or 3 more. I didn't figure out your percentages that you calculator on hand at the moment. I was also told that 60-70% fat/ 20% protein/ 20% carb. I have been sticking pretty hard to those % and to the 50g of carbs and I am dropping very consistently. As of this morning I am down 15lbs in almost 5 weeks. I am following the PB fitness as well now, before I was doing P90X and then I began to modify that and now I am strictly PB fitness for about a week and I do the majority of my workouts in a fasted state. I don't know how much you have to lose, I still have a lot of way to go, like at least 40 more pounds.
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                    Its easy enough for me to get yesterday's percentages

                    56.9% fat
                    25.4% protein
                    17.7% carb

                    A little more fat and a little less protein, less carbs, right? Plus more exercise.

                    I've got a lot to lose. I really want to get rid of at least 60 more pounds. I've got a lot going against me, but hey, I read this book that claims I can reprogram my genes and maybe avoid the same fate as my father's family of dying before they are 60.

                    It sucks (yet its a relief), that my husband has lost 20 lbs in the same amount of time. Butthead. He even eats candy and drinks beer. If he wants to break a plateau he skips beer one weekend.


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                      I don't see what you can change about the diet.
                      If you are able to fast to lunch on Sundays, you could add that to your daily routine. Fasting everyday for 16 hours is the best.

                      I guess you have fixed your diet, and now you need to focus on your exercise.
                      Look into weight training + yoga, and running sometimes. You can start with one of them and add the rest as you go depending on time.

                      Don't envy your husband, he has testosterone to help him out. Do Weight training to increase your testosterone, that will help a lot.