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I really need some help taking the plunge.

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  • I really need some help taking the plunge.

    Hey guys,

    Trying to take the primal plunge again, but I am trying to get over the biggest hurdle once again. I have a ton of weight to lose and with such a history of eating all this crap the muscle that is my will power is pretty weak.

    I find in the past when I go to buy groceries for the weeks meals I do a good job at picking foods, but when I get home I always end up adding things to them - stuff from my roomate - extra sugar etc - little insidious choices that sabotage my weight loss. Quite frankly there are so many choices of what to eat that I just give up from being overwhelmed.

    I hear it takes 2-4 weeks to make the plunge and start off on the primal eating, and I need someone's help.

    Can someone, anyone, who has had major success switching over and losing weight/getting in shape, help me draw up a detailed eating plan for several weeks? Day by day, meal by meal (I tend to prefer eating 2-3 bigger meals a day) something that I can stick to rigidly until I get over the hurdle of fighting my body. That is the biggest thing - the stress coupled with the severe carb flus I get just destroy my ability to draw up plans unless they are already made. Couple that with the fact that it is just speculation on my part rather than someone I know who has experience telling me what to do I just lose faith and give up.

    Right now I weigh 371 lbs and consume around 4500-5000 calories per day if I dont limit myself. I also drink about 4liters of diet coke a day. The sheer drop in caffeine and aspertane levels coupled with the carb flu alone is enough to pretty much wrack my body when I try to swtich over.

    Miraculously I just had my bloodwork done and my cholesterol is in the healthy range, I have no pre-diabetic markers, and my triglycerides are sub 50. That being said, I don't want to stay this way until my luck runs out.

    Can anyone get in touch with me? Either here or via email I would be eternally grateful.


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    I think you will not be helped by a detailed plan. You are not taking ownership of the problem.

    If you truly want to lose the weight, the only way it will happen is when you finally decide to no longer make excuses for yourself. It is not your roommate's fault, the carb flu's fault, the grocery store's fault, your busy schedule's fault, or anyone else's fault.

    When you finally decide that the success or failure of your effort is entirely up to your own actions, you will succeed. The Primal Blueprint is the only road map you need. Until you make that decision, you will not succeed. It is as simple as that.

    And yes, it truly is that simple. Read the book, learn about what goes in your mouth, count the carbs, proteins and fats strictly, do it honestly, and commit to not rationalizing any deviation. When you do that, the weight will fall off. And you will own yourself again. If you don't, it won't.

    If this sounds harsh, then you are not realistic. This is the truth, like it or not. Curse me or thank me, but there it is.
    Never eat anything bigger than your own head.


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      I agree with Joe. You can do this when you decide that YOU WILL DO IT...when the pain of change ceases to be greater than the pain of staying the same.

      Check out Robb Wolf's book The Paleo Solution. He provides the kind of day-by-day, meal-by-meal plan you're looking for.

      ETA: I suspect Mark's Primal Leap offers meal plans to, but I don't know for certain.
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        right on, joe.

        @dualhammers...if you're having trouble, start with a single choice. stop drinking diet coke. if you can achieve that, add a second choice. lose the grains. it definitely sounds like you're not ready, and i agree with joe on the reasons. but, if you try taking just one step, you might find that this is not as impossible as it seems, and be able to make a commitment.


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          I completely agree with the above. Also, how you do it can be personal. Some folks can do it cold turkey. I was already eating well, I just needed to drop the sugar, grains and legumes. I did it in 2 days. Other folks make progressive change. It's all good.

          You may need to make one change at a time. Start with dropping the diet Coke and drink only water or unsweetened tea. After you have adapted to that change, drop all sugar, adapt, then drop all grains from your diet, then all legumes, etc...Give yourself a schedule if it helps.
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            If you want ideas on day to day, meal by meal plans go read some of the numerous personal diaries on the forum - in many of them people list in detail what they are eating day by day. Asking any one of us to take the time to do that specifically for you is asking A LOT. There are also some good threads on things like "Ideas for what to have for breakfast" or "what do you pack for lunch?" That kind of information is already here for the reading.

            As far as switching over and experiencing carb flu and diet coke withdrawal...some people advise going cold turkey and toughing it out. If that hasn't worked for you, here is what works for me - I get to have 1 tsp white sugar in my coffee (max 2 cups day) and max 1 diet coke a day. I don't eat any grains. That's my 80/20. I am not perfect, but I am happy and comfortable with my diet and how I feel. I have so much more and better energy that I don't feel the need for as much caffeine as before, but still feel optimal with a total of 2 caffeinated beverages a day.


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              What Joe and BarbeyGirl said is true. But there is one thing that can make it a bit easier. You can commit to one change at a time. Quit the Coke ... or whatever it is that you think needs to go first.

              I recommend this because it works for me. I had my initial success because it was so easy for me to give up grains. I didn't eat them daily anyway. I was encouraged by my success. The weight loss is great but what keeps me motivated is how good I feel.

              In experimenting with quasi-primal foods, I discovered what I could and could not do. Coconut milk in my coffee? Blech! Cream? Mua ha ha ... no problem! Fage full-fat yogurt? That's like crack cocaine for me; best that I never buy it again.

              I am about to do something very hard for me: go totally dairy free. I don't eat cheese daily and I don't use butter daily. You know why it's going to be so tough? Because it means I will also give up my coffee. But you know what? I can do this, because I want to. I have quit coffee before and know that I have to be weaned gradually because the throbbing headaches make it difficult for me to work. I know what I have to do, and I am going to do it.

              Do you want to start with something that's fairly easy, like I did? Or, do you want to start with something that will give you immediate results? Think about it. In taking ownership, your success will be that much sweeter.

              ha ha ha ... I just thought of a song: 15 Minutes by Rodney Atkins ... Good Luck!!!


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                I think maybe we're being a bit harsh on poor OP - it can seem overwhelming at first, & they're a bit stressed out. That said, it's a lot of work to draw up a 2-week detailed meal plan; I never plan my own meals, and only eat once a day, so I'm less help than most, but I also had few problems making the transition & staying primal - I just bought good groceries and then ate them.

                So, DualH, a question - what are you even buying that you can add "extra" sugar to? Whatever it is, stop that! Also, I'm a former sugar junkie, & got over it easy enough once I stopped eating grains, so I'd actually reverse the order of primalrob above me, with great respect. Eat meats & veggies, cook in good fats, & (in my experience) snack on cheese & nuts as needed to get over the sugar hump.


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                  While I agree with the ideas underlying the phrase "take ownership" it really feels like I am being told by everyone "don't bother me, read this book that someone else put effort into and stop complaining."

                  I know for a fact from experience that during those first couple weeks I can't make good choices because when I go to the grocery store without a plan I end up acting upon my cravings. Now you may say this is "just the truth" that I am not ready because I don't have the willpower. If you want to judge me, that's fine, but I know what I need and that is some good solid information. I see what people are saying they are eating, but many people don't post weights or pictures or even detailed explanations about how they feel after eating these things, so even still I feel as though I am groping in the dark. It gets so confusing that I just saw "ok, screw it Ill just eat ground beef three meals a day - that's primal right?" and then obviously that fails.

                  In my mind it is like learning to walk, or read, or write. You don't throw a pencil, a notebook, and a reader at a child and say "take ownership of your education and just learn to write." You sit with them, help them out, and sometimes you draw out the words for them. The child learns and grows and begins to take charge as they are able to handle more and more on their own. I know I am the same way - once I get started I know I can make it, but these first steps are the hardest. I'm not asking for this because I want to waste someones time, I was just hoping someone on the forums would think "man I wish someone had done this for me" and would help out. I suppose that is too much to ask .


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                    How about going to the grocery store on day 1, when you have tons of motivation, and buying EVERYTHING you can possibly eat in a two week period that's primal. Then refuse to go back to the store during those two weeks, even if you run out of something "important". Grok couldn't go to the store...he had to make do with what he had.

                    Don't plan the meals if that's not your thing...just don't let yourself eat anything that's not in your primal stash.

                    The difference between your child analogy and this eating thing is that you're not a child! You're an adult, capable of independent learning and independent self-motivation if you trust yourself enough.

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                      OK here's your plan. Maybe boring, but not 'painful' in any way.

                      breakfast : 4 eggs scrambled; add big handful of cheese to it if you want.
                      10AM snack : 1 banana
                      lunch : big ass salad 6-9 ounces of romaine lettuce; with minimum 5 ounces of tuna or chicken or ham in it; plenty of fatty salad dressing
                      3PM snack : 1 banana or 2 tomatoes sliced up
                      dinner : 8-10 ounces of meat, chicken, or fish; as many vegetables as you want
                      evening snack - eat some dill pickles or a few handfuls of nuts.

                      Drink nothing but water; may add in a total of no more than 24 ounces of milk daily with all this. No other beverages. No crystal light, diet Coke crutches, etc.

                      Do this for 2 weeks and try to NOT be 10 lbs lighter, compared to how you are living now. Do it for another 2 weeks and you will be another 5 lbs lighter. Keep it up and lose 2 lbs per week after that. Report back to us all in 30 days and stand by for congratulations. Or continue to rationalize why you can't do it and weigh the same next month. Up to you.

                      When you prove to yourself it works, you will then be motivated to educate yourself on the many variations of primal eating and can expand your repertoire. And then the energy comes back, and you start adding exercise in. Its a true snowball effect. I wish you the best with this. It really works.
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                        In Robb Wolf's book he recommends only doing paleo breakfast for a week. Then the next week paleo breakfast and lunch. Then the next week paleo breakfast, lunch and dinner. He said to open your day with meat and nuts. No way you can go wrong with that.

                        I lost 100lbs through conventional wisdom, not primal. I know it's hard to get started...and sometimes it's hard to carry on. I also quit smoking a pack and a half a day (10 year habit) cold turkey. When you want to do something you will find a way to do it.


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                          Originally posted by lizch View Post
                          The difference between your child analogy and this eating thing is that you're not a child! You're an adult, capable of independent learning and independent self-motivation if you trust yourself enough.
                          If you continue to approach it as a child, you won't succeed. Gotta man up and own it.
                          Never eat anything bigger than your own head.


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                            I think you are coming at this from the wrong angle. I believe you first have to find a good reason for living primally. And, I do not think losing weight is a good enough motivation. My reason was to prevent diabetes, as it is rampant in my family.

                            Step 2 --determine what you can do-- give up sugar, eat veggies every meal, walk 20 min/day,etc. Also, decide what you cant do--give up diet soda cold turkey, stop cream in coffee.
                            Step 3 -- make list of foods that are primal and allow you to follow Step 3. Shop only from the list.
                            Step 4 --realize carb flu is your body's way of telling you your body wants/needs to be treated better.Plan to start decarbing when you can be home and not busy.

                            Finally, unless and until YOU really want to change, nothing anyone else tells you or outlines for you will work.


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                              See, that's the problem with asking somebody else to write up a eating plan for you. If *I* ate the plan that Joe just laid out for you I would get really sick and nauseous from eating all those eggs and cheese and the bananas 2x a day would mess with my blood sugars. I would fail within days if that were my plan. Everybody else here has found out what works for them based on what they like and how they feel after eating certain things, how many times a day they want to eat, etc... It's a very personal thing, you truly do have to figure it out for yourself because if you try to go on somebody else's diet, one that may work great for them, it's almost guaranteed it won't be so great for you even if you do lose weight.
                              I agree with the suggestion to stock up on 2 weeks worth of groceries at once and don't set foot back in the store, act like it's closed and there's nothing you can do! Good luck on your journey