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    A lot of the recipes I'm reading call for raw honey, however, I thought that was out. I understand that it's better than table sugar but I was under the impression that even honey and maple syrup and even agave is not primal. Do you just consider it as 20% or is it true primal and part of your 80%? And what about Agave? Isn't that supposed to be better because it has such a minimal affect on your blood sugar or is it not considered "real food" like raw honey and true maple syrup? I think you can see where the confusion comes in...
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    Honey is yer 20%, but at least it's natural. Agave is the worst, doesn't spike insulin because it's pure fructose. I have half a spoon of honey in my tea once in a while.
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      My concern is kicking up that sugar craving again!
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        yes, it would technically fall within the 20%.

        of course, humans have been eating honey since the paleo era, as bees have been around that long, and quite frankly humans are opportunists when it comes to food. did they eat a lot of fruit? chances are, a little troupe of humans on the migrate would see a fruit tree and strip that bad-boy bare before moving on, carrying whatever they didn't eat right then. some times, they would camp and have a party (if the aboriginal culture of australia is any indication as per Mutant Message from Down Under) celebrating the awesome finding of fruit!

        thus, the awesome finding of bees and the awesome finding of honey would probably also have been part of their diet.

        but, it might have also included the awesome finding of spiders, scorpions, grasshoppers and large beetles too. omnivores man, they'll just eat whatever is moderately edible.


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          That suggests to me that you're looking primarily at baking-type recipes, so puddings, cake, cookies, etc. I think they all fall into the 20%.

          I've found the amount of baking I do has dropped precipitously since starting on primal. I think you're likely to have more success if you focus almost all your efforts on preparing savory items--meat, veggies, etc.

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            My concern is kicking up that sugar craving again!
            Good to be concerned.

            I don't aim for 20%-- more like 5% or less and seem to be dropping the fat faster. I think this may be true for most folks who are successful at losing when they start out.
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              agave is corn-free high-fructose corn syrup.

              "Depending on the source and processing method used, agave syrup can, therefore, contain as little as 55% fructose, the same amount found in high-fructose corn syrup -- in which case the syrup would offer no advantage to diabetic consumers trying to avoid too much glucose, Clemens says." (emphasis mine)


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                i agree about focusing on cooking the savories. get the stews and roasts right, get some veggie dishes in your arsenal, and you won't feel the need for the sweets. the food is that satisfying. a friend of mine once said to me "if you still have room for dessert, you haven't eaten enough nutritious foods." you should feel satisfied after a meal, not that you want a seet. and afer a time, this even means fruit!

                i do not aim for 80=20. i look at it as "i eat primal, and if i happen to go to a friend's for dinner and she makes pasta, i'll eat it. i'm not seeking pasta. if i happen to get a chai because i'm out with friends for coffee (i don't drink cofee because i do not like the taste), then i'll get that. Whatever, you know? it's more like, most days 100% primal, and on occasion, i have something "not primal."

                but, i'm not a big sweets person anyway. i do like fruit, but i eat 1-3 pieces per day, and some days, just fruit and nothing else, but it's, like, 8 pieces of fruit.


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                  Originally posted by Izzylu View Post
                  My concern is kicking up that sugar craving again!
                  We are all different. If you feel that honey will kick up a sugar craving, I think it's smart to follow your instincts and avoid it. I think something like honey is prob. best for folks who are at the weight they want to be at (or for someone who is not at their preferred weight but NEEDS something sweet that is in the 20% instead of eating a gluteny brownie--although I prefer dark choc. for those 'needs' personally ). Many folks use stevia in place of other sweeteners, and lots of primal recipes use maple syrup in place of honey (if it's cooked, your basically killing the benefits of raw honey anyway--maple syrup is a bit lower carb and I believe has a more even ratio of glucose to fructose than honey.)

                  Just fyi, most savory dishes that call for honey or sugar can often be made without it, or you can sub finely diced carrots (give a great sweet flavor) or stevia, etc... I've found with most baked goods recipes (I do coconut flour baking for my ds) I can cut the sweetener (typically use maple syrup) in half, and add stevia to taste. (Baked goods are just dangerous though, IME, for *me*. NO self control--I'm much better off not making them in general, but my ds does love them and they are a great source of good protein and fat when made w/ coconut flour and lots of eggs!)

                  Whatever the case, finding a bee hive, taking it down and eating the sweet goodness inside would have been a rarity for grok (although a good time for sure!) Definitely in the 20% though.
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                    Is honey better or worse than pure maple syrup?

                    It would be interesting and helpful to develop a list of sweeteners from "best" to worst. Has anyone with far more knowledge than me compiled such a ranking?
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