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Question regarding my Naturopaths view on fats..........

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  • Question regarding my Naturopaths view on fats..........

    I went to my local health store the other day to stock up on Omega 3's (I hate seafood and fish and cannot afford to eat grassfed beef, so I supplement instead). I told her that I have just found out I have an auto-immune disease (Anklosing Spondylitis) and through research discovered that a low starch diet could be the key to pain relief and the ceasing of disease progression so I was going to give PB a shot. She told me that the liver cannot handle in any way, shape or form the amount of fats that PB advocates on a daily basis. Apparently it can only handle (for an example) fish oil tablets (3 per day) plus a teaspoon of coconut oil but no more than this otherwise my liver will pretty much sh** itself from the overload? Is there any knowledgeable people out there that can provide info to prove if if there is any truth to this rumour? I know you may think I am an idiot for believing her word but between of the pair of us, she is the one with the qualifications, I on the other hand am just feeling my way through this entire web of information.

    PS. I am also quite overweight, so maybe this could be part of her reasonings??

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    Just what is her training, education and background? Many are trained under CW. Is she a vegan? Many of the people on this site consume anywhere for 40-75% of their calories from fat. I personally average 60+% on a regular basis since around feb. or march and have yet to have any part of my body shit itself. I have only gotten healthier, stronger, more energetic, and have lost a lot of weight. The longer you do it the more you are convinced this is how your body wants you to eat. There are a lot of resources out there, and others who can explain it better than I can. Read all of the archives on the main page of the blog, as well as all the other blogs out there, it really helps to make it clear. I'm sure the smart people will chime in soon with all the science-y type stuff.
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      that is a tiny amt of fat.

      i'm assuming that when she refers to the liver she means the gall bladder.
      if you are not eating enough fat, the bile (squirted out into the sm intestine when fat is present), remains in the gall bladder and stones form. if they are too large to pass through the bile duct, you get pain and if it is not dealt with (removed) pruritis, jaundice.....this is more likely to happen when there is liver disease or pressure from inflammation from another organ because w gall stones, they just remove the gall bladder.

      and, yes, i have more training than just working at a HFS.


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        Have a look at the following blogs for more information on the benefits of a higher fat diet. Your naturopath is both misunderstanding and oversimplifying the science.


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            Trust me, your liver can take plenty of fat, so long as you aren't stuffing your face with CW foods. Plenty of groups of people have survived very well on high fat, low carb diet. Just look at the African Massai. They live off a diet of raw whole milk, blood, and meat, and they are a robust, tall, healthy tribe of warriors. Or the Inuit, who live on fatty meat such as blubber, some berries and tubers.

            And being overweight has nothing to do with it, really. In fact, you should be eating less carbs and more fat, most likely.
            Remember, you are unique just like everybody else.


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              I did the Atkins diet (high fat/low carb) before moving onto Primal recently. I've basically been eating meat, poultry, fish, eggs, good veggies, berries, butter, olive oil, coconut oil (and taking fish oil capsules daily) for nearly two years. My liver has not complained and I'm one of your senior (in age) members. My body loves this and my health has never been better. In my experience the naturpath doesn't know what she's talking about.
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                How about turning the tables and having your naturopath provide the proof of her assertion?

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                  Originally posted by lizch View Post
                  How about turning the tables and having your naturopath provide the proof of her assertion?


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                    Thank you all for your replies. I was a little concerned by her statement but it still would not have deterred me from giving it a shot anyway

                    Jem51- My sister in law has just had her gallbladder removed because of stones and prior to her surgery they told her to eat "low fat" to prevent more stones from forming!!!

                    Cillakat - Thank you for providing all of those links, I shall inform myself by now going to read through them all