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Who tracks calories? Macros? Or

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  • Who tracks calories? Macros? Or

    Just carbs? Is there a calorie # that you try to stay around depending on your weight? Sorry I get carried away with questions.

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    When I was trying to lose weight, and when I was trying to gain lean mass, I counted calories. I focused on getting enough protein and EFAs, then "topping" up the rest of my intake with either carbs or fat. I always had a target calorie "range" rather than a static number.

    Now that I'm just maintaining I don't really care so much about how much I'm eating.


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      It might depend on your goals. I actually count nothing. No calories, carbs, nada . I just make sure to almost always eat primal food. The rest takes care of itself for me. Compared to a lot of people here, I probably eat a lot of carbs since I don't restrict fruit or nuts. Weight loss is not my primary goal, but I have been quite happy to steadily lose 6-8 lbs per month. It doesn't seem like much, but I have lost a couple pant sizes and am not too far off from a good weight for me.

      I love PB for the simplicity.
      Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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        Since I'm post-menopausal (age 69) and hypothyroid, I need to count calories both to lose weight and now to maintain my weight. It's just a fact of life for me.

        However, when I was in my 30s, I was able to lose eating low carb without counting calories at all.

        It all depends on your goals but also your age, physical condition, etc. The secret is finding out what works best for you; everyone is different.


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          The only thing I keep track are carbs (I stay under 100 grams, but sometimes more, but always below 150).

          Those who are trying to lose weight should keep track on things. Otherwise, just eat Primal foods, and don't sweat it. Since I been follow a PB/Paleo lifestyle, I never counted calories, fats, proteins (well only a few times just for curiosity), but I still lost fat, gain muscles, my energy has improved, etc.


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            I plan to count calories/carbs later when I "primal leap" to lose weight. But that's almost a side effect of logging food on fitday for me. I figure a good log will help me know what I'm eating in a more conscious, deliberate way.

            Either way I don't think I'm the type to let logging turn into any kind of food anxiety, so... Can't hurt, I guess.
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              I don't count anything anymore, except mentally (if I have a reason to).

              When I was new to primal, however, I tracked carb intake for a couple months until I got a really good feel for the carb content of different foods. Now, I can make quite accurate mental estimations, if I'm so inclined. This makes it easy to intentionally increase or decrease carb consumption based on activity level, sleep, etc. in a given day.
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