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    I feel that my snacking is out of control. I had weight loss surgery 18 months ago and because I could not eat much at first, I was encouraged to snack. Now I eat constantly (like every 2 hours).

    I know some people say eating constantly is "good for the metabolism," but I do not feel that way. I actually think my constant hunger has less to do with the amount I'm eating than hormonal imbalance (leptin, thyroid, possibly insulin although my doc says my insulin is okay).

    So, my question is: how many calories are truly necessary? I plugged in to what I thought I could eat in 3 meals and it came out to be 1300 calories. Is this enough, assuming I'm getting adequate protein (80 grams) and fat? My macro breakdown was 21% carbs, 54% fat, and 25% protein. I'm about 250 pounds, 5'4", female, Hashimoto's.

    Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Should be fine. I eat two meals daily with no snacks. All that six meals a day crap is broscience.


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      I have Hashimoto's, but I'm much older than you (69). When I was 250, I could only lose on about 1200 cal a day, so you should be fine with 1300. The key is getting enough protein, and you seem to have that covered.

      I agree with you about the snacking. It's too easy for that to get out of control (in terms of resulting in too many calories for weight loss), and that stuff about eating frequently to keep up the metabolism is nonsense.


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        Thanks for the replies. I feel a little better about this now. I just really need to stop eating so often. The main problem is that I don't take the time to eat a full meal because I'm running, running, running. So I constantly snack and I do think that's messing with my hunger/satiety signals.