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Latest lab results - opinions please on where to go from here

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  • Latest lab results - opinions please on where to go from here

    My latest lab results came with a prescription for Crestor 3 times a week, whick I don't plan on taking. I'm 62, female, 5'5" and around 160 pounds. I've been Primal (90-95%) for 6-7 months. Here are the numbers:

    TC 273
    Trig 85*
    HDL 66*
    LDL 190
    CHOL/HDL 4.1*

    * These are all good/acceptable

    CRP 1.98 (Doc's note on this was that although high, not significant.) Agree/Disagree? I'd really like to get the inflamation down and am taking fish oil regularly, increasing the dosage since reading this result.

    Glucose 100 - just 1 point into the High range, but not a good trend.

    I also had my D level checked and was pleased that it came in at 66.8 - I supplement with 5000 IU D3 daily.

    So - doc wasn't interested in a VAP or NMR, but I am. Anyone have a suggestion on which one? Both are available through Direct Labs at my local LabCorp and there's only $7 difference in the price unless they run a monthly special on one of them - I'm waiting until after the 1st of December to check that.

    Oh, and I plugged my numbers into the calculator for the Iranian LDL formula and it came out 176.14 - still not good.

    IF it matters - can't afford grass-fed/finished and free-range meats now, so maybe I need to back off the fatty meats some? I probably need to add more non-starchy veggies. I don't eat fruit because of the fructose. Maybe I should have an orange or pear now and then?

    I am determined to keep fiddling with my diet to get the inflammation under control as well as getting the lipids in a better range.

    Everyone's thoughts, comments, suggestions and experiences are welcome and appreciated.

    I'm not trying to live forever, but I'd prefer to "die healthy".

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    CRP is high, But make sure to check for other factors. gingavitis can throw off these levels. Perhaps throwing in more dark leafy greens like kale, spinach, arugula, chard. These can help lower the acidity in the body. a little fruit is fine, just go for the lower Glycemic ones like apples and pears. If you haven't already I would back off the dairy, or cut it out completely as well. For me, im finding too many eggs affect my joints and fatigue levels.


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      Thanks erikJ - I thought CRP was too high, at least by the percentages. If over 1.49 is high, surely 1.98 is too high - that's what, 30% or so above the acceptable range?

      Since I wear dentures and have for decades, I don't think gingivitis comes into play. I'd never thought about that, even though I've heard it can be bad for the heart.

      Most of my dairy comes from heavy cream in my morning coffee, Kerrygold butter that I'm entirely too fond of and a rare bite of good cheese.

      Thanks for your input. I'm hoping that as everyone gets back to normal routine post-holiday I'll hear from some others. The more ideas I get, the more likely I'll hit on the one thing that will work wonders for me.