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  • Analyze THIS PBP Diet Please,...

    I am a 5'4" 141 Lb Male with a medium build trying to get to 134 Lbs with 3.7% Body Fat. However the 3.7% body fat is MUCH more important that the over all weight. If I end up getting to 3.7% at 150lbs before it's all said and done, so be it.

    I just fasted for two days drinking only hot water and two altoids breath mints at .5 Calories each. This was to jump start my new experimental 4-Week PBP based diet where I'm attempting to GAIN lean mass while BURNING fat mass.

    Before the two day fast, I was 148 lbs, but after the fast I was 141.

    After the two-day kickstart, I now alternate between "Limited Eating" days and "Modified Fast" days.

    On the "Eat" Days, I can consume no more than 1550 Calories (BMR for 134 Lb Man for ONE day) in primal foods only. I've chosen to limit myself to multivitamin, flax oil supplement, veggies, eggs, grilled chicken, cheese, protein powder, just no more than 1550 calories, starting every morning with the mandatory multivitamin supplement, flax oil supplement, and FOUR scoops of protein powder to put myself in Mark's minumum of .7 per Kg of goal body weight.

    The other days are full 24 hour fasts where I can drink only hot water, sugarless tea, but MUST consume 1 scoop of microfiltered 100% EAS Whey protein (It has all essential Proteins! Yay!) along with a multivitamin, and one 25 calorie Flax Seed Oil Supplement. A modified fast if you will.

    My Questions:

    Is fasting this frequently a bad thing? I feel okay after 24 hours, but 48 is when I'm ready to eat again.

    I've been sure to include mutlivitamin, flax oil (omega 3), and protein supplementation to prevent deprivation and backfire, but is this all I need? and in the right amounts? I really don't want a backfire. The goal is to trade body fat for muscle mass.

    The reason I'm cutting so slim on calories by 1) Only consuming the BMR of my SMALL goal of 134 lb man and 2) Only eating BMR every other day, is to compensate for the slips (like the altoids), lack of exercise due to busyness, and to get serious results FAST. The fact that I have regimented intakes of all essential proteins, omega 3 fat, and multivitamin, I calculate I should be okay, and there will be no backfire. Is there anything I'm forgetting? Should I be okay if I am 100% compliant to this?


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    1 calorie altoids are slips??? You will run into deficiencies eating like this, you need more food. Read leangains


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      Er, WHY?

      WHY 3.7%?

      WHY put your body through that...alternating eating too little with not eating at all. What are you going to build muscle with? Your body is going to use every calorie it gets to simply maintain your existence. Why would it put any effort into making muscles bigger?

      I think your plan is a slippery slope to either malnutrition or a massive binge.

      Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
      Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food


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        Originally posted by chemist
        I am a 5'4" 141 Lb Male with a medium build trying to get to 134 Lbs with 3.7% Body Fat. However the 3.7% body fat is MUCH more important that the over all weight. If I end up getting to 3.7% at 150lbs before it's all said and done, so be it.
        May I ask WHY you are attempting to do this insane plan?



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          It should work, if you can do it. Sounds horrible, though.

          Edit: vitamin D, I guess?


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            I wonder what your body's going to do when you stop subjecting it to this low-calorie regimen and start eating more normally?

            Looking at your diet... hm, is your only meat the grilled chicken? How are you doing for iron? Zinc? (Is chicken an OK source?) Any minerals in that 'multivitamin'? (Not that relying on a pill for essentials is a great plan, but this is just for a short while - right?) It all sounds painfully low in fat, too.

            And if you're only taking flax oil, not eating oily fish or taking fish oil, you could well be lacking Omega 3s. Not everyone can convert from flax oil to the stuff you actually need; I'd definitely recommend swapping that out for fish oil.


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              You're on a unsustainable path and a path fraught with unintended negative consequences. Please reconsider.


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                It sounds like you're averaging less than 800 calories per day? Are you nuts? If you were excessively obese then you could get away with this since you would have an excess of energy stored in fat but you're not overweight. You're going to put your body in to a starvation mode which will likely cause you to gain fat/lose muscle mass in your body's attempt to live. Please reconsider.


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                  Either this person is a troll or is quite unwell.

                  I almost wish it is the former, because if it's the latter..... wow.
                  "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates


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                    You lost a ton of weight and found a smoking body beneath the flab. But you're taking it too far. To be constantly at 3~4% body fat doesn't sound healthy. You have your six pack. Congrats. You might also have lingering self-image issues that you need to sort out. Your diet plan does not sound sustainable or healthy in the long-term.
                    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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                      The diet you outline is very very far away from being anything close to a PBP diet. Flax seeds: no; relying only on multivitamins for essential micronutrient intake: no; what I'm assuming is most likely chicken breast for intake is another big no. Tack those onto necessitating that all water be hot and 3-4 complete fasting days a week pushes this dangerously close (if not completely in) to the eating disorder level of things.

                      I'm at 6'2" with about 3.3 body fat (caliper method) just by very moderate (3-4 times a week less than 30 min each) working out and following closer to the PBP diet of plenty of fats. I'm technically looking to gain muscle currently and have been doing so without putting on fat even with daily consumption of things like heavy cream, coconut milk, fatty organ meats, munching on gristle, cooking everything in lard/coconut oil/palm oil. I only seldom count roughly estimate total calories in a day and it's normally above between 2500-3000 (snacking on butter keeps this up). I guess I'm kind of doing some light fasting seeing as how most days I only eat 2 meals but the total calorie count for the day normally is still somewhat the same even on those days.

                      The point I'm trying to make is you don't necessarily have to eat terribly unhealthy to lose body fat. Simply looking into the more ketogenic aspects of the diet normally does wonders for most people. I should also note that the #1 comment I get on my appearance is that I'm "skinny", not thin, but skinny there's actually quite a big difference between the two normally being in that when they say it they're more often than not referring to the fact that I look semi-sickly at such a low body fat%. They're right too and I'm looking forward to getting to the point where I can start putting on a little bit of body fat as well.

                      TLDR: eat lots more healthy fat (60-70% of intake)/healthy fat means no flax.
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                        "healthy fat means no flax"

                        Please explain.
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                        Far healthier!


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                          Well I guess this sounds like an ideal diet if you want prostate cancer (current flax study results on the impacts of consumption by men).

                          Well, I guess this sounds like an ideal diet if you are living in a 3rd world country trying to survive on as little food as possible so that you can give the rest of your food to your growing children in the hopes that one day they will grow up to be successful people who never know your hunger.

                          Well, I guess this sounds like an ideal diet if you suffer from severe OCD and aspergers and this is the only way you can control yourself without committing suicide.

                          Well, I guess this sounds like an ideal diet if you don't actually care about being primal and instead just want to eat foods that kind of adhere to the primal lifestyle but really don't want to apply the primal lifestyle at all to yourself.

                          Can I keep going or should I stop now.

                          Oh yeah, this sounds like an ideal diet if you want to cut to 3.5% body fat realize you feel like shit all the time and you still don't get laid so you end up ballooning into the stay puft man.

                          edit: basically I'm calling you a troll as I have a hard time believing any human could think this is a good idea and would come to these forums and try to validate this. This is like cutting the gas tank off your car, going to the BMW forums and asking if you should expect to get good mileage. Except instead of having a shitty car you will just die from malnutrition.
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                            Originally posted by janie View Post
                            "healthy fat means no flax"

                            Please explain.
                            Hope you got some time.

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                              To the OP

                              If you are going to fast do it right.


                              Unless you are competing there is no point to 3.7%. I don't think it is even possible without drugs. I don't think it is possible without death.
                              Don't be a paleotard...