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FitDay vs Daily Burn?

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  • FitDay vs Daily Burn?

    I've been using FitDay to track my intake - overall I like it but the food search function is often tedious. Today I saw a mention of Daily Burn on the MDA main page so I went over to check it out.

    Just wondering if anyone has enough experience with both to recommend one over the other? It seems like the Daily Burn food database may be easier to use but I'm worried that a lot of the features may only be accessible with a paid membership (which I'm not interested in).

    Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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    OK, I think I found my answer already...

    I entered today's foods (so far) into both programs (coffee with cream and a hard boiled egg).

    FitDay breaks that down to 79% fat, 17% protein, and 3% carbs.

    Daily Burn says it's 70% fat, 12.7% protein, 9.3% carbs, and 8% "other". WTF is "other"?? I didn't have an Irish coffee...


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      interesting. i use or i used to use, but like you said, their food search is just awful. i started to look at the last night, but i fell asleep. i think i'll just stick with livestrong.


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        I didn't like I've never used so I can't really comment on how that compares. I always tracked with Fitday.