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night-day-night Fasting report (going bad)

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  • night-day-night Fasting report (going bad)

    hi there,

    i eat strictly primal.
    now i first tried fasting for a day - meaning waking up, not eating whole day, going to sleep, starting to eat again at the morning.

    Not eating for a whole day was not so difficult and no difference in feeling.
    But: big difference the next morning: legs hurt like after a workout, i am dizzy, i hardly am able to drive my bike, no energy at all, i feel bad and empty and i have an absolute craving for sweets. I ate good primal lunch but the craving for sweets was still there. So much craving that i break the primal thing for today (while other times i am 'strict' for months).

    My conclusion to this thing: Better for me to go fasting just from morning till evening and having dinner.

    Any comments / other experiences welcome!
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    i used to fast in the same manner (worked out to be about 33-34 hours of fasting)...and for the first few weeks i had very similar symptoms. after that, it got a little easier, but i would still not feel 100% the day after.

    i switched to daily 16-18 hour fasts--like leangains--and, combined with primal foods, i have more strength and energy than i ever have before. it has also done a great deal more for fat loss.


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      I tried IFing all different sorts of ways/times. I failed miserably (and felt miserable) trying to IF through dinner. After experimenting with various iterations throughout the summer, my body has easily settled into just skipping breakfast. (Last meal about 7 or 8 p.m., then break the fast at about 1 p.m.) It works quite well. I just saw in another post that this is what iniQuity does too.
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        I did those sort of fasts for quite a while. I'd eat dinner on Friday and fast until breakfast on Sunday, but I didn't work out on Sunday morning. Eventually I'd worked into fasting from lunch on Friday to lunch on Sunday. Lived normally minus the workout. It wasn't so bad, but I don't think I'll be going back to that.


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          if you are fasting all day, working out, then not eating anything to assist recovery afterwards, then yeah, you're going to be pretty F'ed up.

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            Eh, I generally eat dinner around 6-8, skip breakfast, may or may not eat lunch (12ish), eat dinner. Generally works out to be a 16- 26 hr fast.
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              No reason to keep doing longer fasts if they make you feel bad and throw off your healthy eating habits. I've always read that the benefits from fasting level off (or even decrease) after a certain length of time... somewhere between 16 & 24 hours.

              I'm doing the same type of fast you described today, but it's for psychological reasons, and I don't plan on working out tonight. I've never done it before... I'll let you know if I experience the same symptoms tomorrow!
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