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    So, I have done cleanses and even the Master Cleanse for 5 days but never just fasted. Water and tea only. I've been kicking around trying it and when I felt like food was all consuming, thought today would be a good day. It was wonderful. I went approximately 24 hrs and because I have been following this primal lifestyle, I didn't experience the drops in blood sugar that would make me feel "starving". I feel like I finally know the difference between being hungry and just bored or on a schedule. That I am once again in control. I'm looking forward to trying again next week!

    I'm curious what everyone else's experience was the first time they tried. How long had you been primal? I've been about 98% for a good two months now.

    What realizations did you walk away with? Do you make it a regular occurrence? I missed breakfast and lunch and ate dinner. What did you do?
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