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  • Maintenance Calories?

    I feel like I eat way too much, but I'm 6'6" and I have a big appetite. I suspect I have an eating disorder, emotional eating, but, at the same time, when I eat less, I lose weight quite quickly and feel weak and frail. I wonder if I truly do get weak or is it psychological. Im usually 200 lbs, but when I control my eating, I get to 185.

    For a person my size, they recommend around 2,900-3,000 cals for maintenance. I talk to people and ask what they eat and they eat like twice a day, barely any fats or protein (my dad being once of those people) and they are still over weight and out of shape.

    So, is there anyone out there that eats below their recommended maintenance level and is still at a healthy weight and feels good?

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    There's another thread going that's similar to this. I very rarely eat all of my calories for a day (and sometimes I go way over, like last night when I went over my daily amount by 1200). The 2900-3000 is for an active person your size. I would imagine you could thrive on much less. I personally tend to get hung up on calories. I'm trying to follow the eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full method.


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      What what it's worth...I have followed the PB, eat quite a lot of food at times (80+% Paleo friendly), occasionally end up fasting. However, in general I probably eat more calories than I used to...but have still lost weight, and feel good.

      I guess my point is that it may not be necessary to count calories f youm follow the PB guidelines.