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My tooth hurts so bad from an infection

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  • My tooth hurts so bad from an infection

    Ive got some kind of tooth infection and its swollen a little. It hurts so much i cant do anything. I dont really want to go to the dentist cause im sure it will pass.

    Anything i could do to ease the pain or make it go away quicker?

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    The quickest way is to go to the dentist, already.


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      Yeh I wouldn't put it off. One of my friends had something he thought would pass. After 3 weeks of intense pain we finally convinced him to go to the dentist. A couple hours later he was happy as a lark.


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        I would already be there but its all closed for the holidays


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          Your dentist should have an on-call emergency number for established patients.

          The only other option is to do what Tom Hanks on Castaway did....whack it out with an ice skate blade.

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            If your dentist doesn't have an emergency number, one of my dentists told me to just go to a hospital ER. They have dentists on call.

            Dental pain can be debilitating, and if you have an infection, it's best to get it treated ASAP.


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              Oil of oregano. No germ can stand up to it.


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                Clove oil will help with the pain.
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                  Get a tablespoon of coconut oil if you have it and swish it in your mouth as long as you can stand it up to 20 minutes if you can. Repeat 2 or 3 times a day. If you con't have VCO use sesame oil if you have it or olive in a pinch. This will help pull some of the bacteria out and help with pain. Your mouth will also feel clean as a whistle. Highly recommended for people who are gum disease prone. It saved me $900 of gum treatments. Google oil pulling to learn more.
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                    Originally posted by Rusa View Post
                    The quickest way is to go to the dentist, already.

                    Don't mess with a dental infection: see Grok's rule #8 (Avoid trauma)
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                      Originally posted by radioplastic View Post
                      Ive got some kind of tooth infection and its swollen a little. It hurts so much i cant do anything. I dont really want to go to the dentist cause im sure it will pass.

                      Anything i could do to ease the pain or make it go away quicker?
                      I just spoke with a friend of mine who nearly died from a tooth infection. My father knew someone where he worked who died from a tooth infection.

                      I'd see a dentist.


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                        Here is an article about clove oil:


                        Here is some info that was given to me when my son was on the verge of a root canal (we ended up pulling the tooth cuz DS would not do what I suggested he do):

                        "The fever is a detox reaction. The body's way of addressing the labeled infection.

                        Start by trying to ease his symptoms.

                        Better to use a natural antibiotic i.e garlic tea. Since he may not be in the mood for eating much. Garlic tea recipe below.


                        For his toothache mixing 4 to 5 drops of oil of oregano in 1 teaspoon of oil to apply to the tooth and to rub into the gums around the tooth.

                        Apply it to the tooth by soaking a small piece of cotton ball with the mixture. Place the cotton ball between near the gumline between the tooth and the inside of your cheek. Rub it into the gums, particularly on the side that has the affected tooth.

                        It is fairly strong so you might need to dilute it with some coconut oil or olive oil. It will kill infection and reduce pain.

                        You can also take White Willow Bark capsules for any pain; buy them at the health store and take it according to the label.

                        As for nutrients it would be important to not have sugars of any kind because they interfere with healing and depress the immune system. The Egg Drink and bone broths would be the way to go food wise, for now.

                        Antibiotics should only be used in emergencies. ... If a dentist assesses it needing a root canal, then avoid that route and suggest it be extracted. A partial or some other replacement method afterward is a safer, better solution. "

                        Good luck! Hope you've caught it soon enough! According to Weston A Price, eating nutritionally will heal those teeth! I know it did mine!


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                          See a dentist. I had (it turns out) an incomplete root canal about 18-20 years ago (we now know that particular tooth often has a fourth root, semi-hidden). Off and on, always when the dentist was closed, I would get a swelling in my cheek - once nearly the size of an orange stuffed in there. I treated it with hot packs until it would dissipate.

                          Nothing ever showed up on my dental x-rays - and they looked, hard. Even the panoramic x-ray showed only that my sinus dipped down near that tooth.

                          A year ago, when I went in for a cleaning, the area was bothering me a little, so the hygienist looked at it really hard, and she could see a redder area of gum tissue above a level, and normal color below. With still nothing on the x-rays, they sent me to an endodontist, who could see little on x-rays, but the CT scan was damning. I had a *massive* silent infection above that tooth and the one next door. The infection had perforated the floor of the sinus (which was probably when I had the massive swelling). Bottom line - I had to have surgery to clean the whole area out (so much fun!!) and redo the root canal on that one and do a new root canal on the one next door - which was dead as a result of the infection. A year later, eating paleo and especially being careful to supplement K2, it's all healed. The bone has regrown in and the sinus floor is intact.

                          Take care of this.


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                            one could suggest that root canals are "foreign objects" to our systems, which tries to reject them, as a toxin.....

                            Just sayin'.....


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                              Annlee - I'm with you on this. I don't know how much you know about the UK health service (NHS) but we're all supposed to have access to an NHS (state-registered) dentist. However, because I am in a very expensive area (it's actually the most expensive place to live in the UK - full stop) NHS access doesn't exist (you have to go private and, because I'm on disability benefits (and, therefore entitled to FREE NHS treatment; certain categories of folk are exempt: - kids up to 16 (or up to 18 if still in full-time education) the disabled, those on low incomes, pregnant women and the elderly).

                              So I lived in agony for nearly 15 YEARS (I kid you not!). I would suffer abscesses, bleeding gums, hamster-face (my left cheek was so swollen at one point - someone asked me if I was sucking a giant gobstopper!)

                              I was in Liverpool last year and it all flared up again. So I dragged my sorry butt out of bed to the very early morning (as in 'get there at 6'!) emergency clinic at the dental hospital (if you're not amongst the first 20, you don't get seen - and you have to wait a whole week for the next one!). Well I saw a lovely lady dentist and then, the following Monday, a lovely lady consultant - and within a week I was 8 teeth lighter!

                              Since turning paleo/primal, like you (and, I suspect, many here) I've not had a single problem. Hey - I've just had a thought! If we turned the whole of the UK Primal which would mean fewer dental issues, the NHS budget could be slashed! Davenick would never buy it, though...

                              It's saving me a fortune on toothpaste, brushes and mouthwash too!

                              PLEASE don't leave it - get it seen to! It may ease for a bit, but it'll come back stronger - trust me on this!

                              Right, I really MUST go to beddy-byes now - it's gone 3!

                              Sarah xxx
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