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LADIES: how do you deal with sugar/carb cravings at...

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  • LADIES: how do you deal with sugar/carb cravings at...

    that time of the month?

    This is brutal!

    I'm way hugrier than normal but worse than that, all I want is ice cream and maybe a bagel with cream cheese and....well....

    I'm doing too well and have come too far over the past 1.5 months, starting with eliminatiing wheat and working up to being pretty darn close to fully Primal. I don't want to ruin it because of stupid (but persistent) cravings.


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    buy some nice high end dark chocolate (more than 75%) and enjoy


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      STEAK!!!! Rare, juicy, fatty steak. Nothing like blood to vent the temper. Gets your iron up where it belongs too.


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        Thanks for the tips! Sending the man out to buy the super dark chocolate NOW! No steak on hand but will remember that for next month...and the next month...and so on .


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          1. BACON
          2. Coconut milk ice cream. It has agave in it but other than that it's generally 100% primal!
          I don't own a scale and don't care to!


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            Cheese & chocolate
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              Avocado. Pure heaven. And this month, I made some date/nut balls with 100% chocolate in them. Yum!

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                Originally posted by ilikesubtitles View Post
                2. Coconut milk ice cream. It has agave in it but other than that it's generally 100% primal!
                All amazing ideas! Where did you find this ice cream?

                And Herbwifemama, where did you get the recipe for the date/nut/chocolate balls?

                Thanks, ladies .


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                  Garden of Eating gave me the inspiration, but I sort of tossed some dates in a blender with some hot water, cashews, a smidge of honey, and an ounce of chopped chocolate. It was goooood. Oh, and coconut!

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                    fat fat and more fat.... my fav. is bacon & cabbage and what ever meat I have on hand like steak or
                    roast all mixed up in butter, add cabage last so it is still crunchy S&P....

                    I make a big batch and munch it all day ..

                    If I eat chocolate I am starving even if it 86 % or higher.

                    If I do this for a couple of days my hunger levels out again and I don't cave to something not so good

                    Ice cream craving -I take care of w/ 100% Fat fage stevia, and a fav. frozen fruit like blueberries or strawberries little milk or coconut milk,mixed in blender thick

                    The other day I ate all day, but I sure did feel better the next day no cravings.. what so ever the rest of the week

                    B-homemade roast/french onion soup w/ no bread in it of course (3 bowls)
                    cabbage and bacon/butter
                    L-2 pork chops w/ cream and butter sauce mixed veggies/butter
                    S-broccoli butter
                    S-BAS w/roast & bacon & apple
                    D-wings and a salad

                    GL listen to your body. If it is hungery feed it, real food- not chocolate,almond butter or munches.
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                      if i'm overly craving carbs i know to up my fat intake. sometimes tho i just give in. i don't beat myself up or anything, it's just a few meals out of my life, but i don't fall off the wagon long

                      look up some primal sweets off the top of my head there's chocolate avocado pudding, chocolately whipped cream, pumpkin pie, apple pie, custard, coconut milk ice cream, batty's butter balls, (i forget the name's) chocolate salty balls

                      it's endless, for real. and everyting i've tried has been good
                      yeah you are

                      Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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                        Yes chocolate avocado pudding is awesome - so delicious!


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                          Oh, I haven't come across that yet since I am 2 weeks in. But I have been 100% primal and eating a lot of fats, so I have absolutely zero cravings for carbs. I use to LOVE LOVE LOVE carbs and not be able to refuse it if it was in the office, but now, it just looks like cardboard to me. I think it's actually easier to go cold turkey because there won't be anything to trigger cravings. You just have to start the day with a big, protein and fat breakfast.
                          But then again, I'll let you know after next week when it's MTOM. I'm hoping I won't have cravings, and that I won't have any cramps or bloating. I always knew the more carbs and sugar I ate, the worse my cramps were.


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                            I deal with my large appetite that time of the month with fattier cuts of meat. Short ribs, hamburgers, kalua pork, rib eye steak coked in lots of butter and lots of bacon. It makes me really full. I also drink coffee with cream and artificial sweetener thats like candy to me. Also try cutting up pineapple and freezing it, Its like a popcicle. Really yummy! I also bake sliced apples with some cinnamon and a lil vanilla with some slivered almonds. Banana with almond butter is kinda carby but really yummy.


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                              Yeah, like everyone else, I eat fat. Avocados, 20% fat hamburger patties, superfatty cheese, bacon, coffee with lots of heavy cream, coconut milk (not lite). Seafood dipped in butter. Fat steak with flavored butter on top.

                              Cream cheese, onion, shredded cheddar, sizzled bacon, chives if you want, tiny diced ham or small shrimp if you want, bake until bubbly, then use as a dip for bell peppers and other veggies.
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