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Starter questions - carb craving, training and .... ahem ..

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  • Starter questions - carb craving, training and .... ahem ..

    I read the PB book over the holidays and started a week ago. So far, so good, I dropped 5 pounds in the first week and feel ok. Three specific questions on things observed -

    I didn't miss bread, pasta, sweet things for the week, but today ...... I could hold up an Italian restaurant at gunpoint to get at the bread, pasta and tiramisu ..... is this a typical reponse, or could I be missing something from my diet?

    I am cycling twice a week, lifting weights twice, one session being high intensity. I did the high intensity session today, which includes heavy deadlifts. Well rested, no negatives going into the session, but I struggled to equal last week's session and also was at the point of puking. Reading the PB book again quickly, there is no reason I should be lacking energy, but it showed up in the session. Any thoughts?

    Finally, constipation. Major league. Again, is this a normal adjustment?

    Any input gratefully received !!!


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    Weird, my first few days going strict paleo, I always end up moving faster than usual in the bowel department. Are you getting enough water and fat?


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      "Finally, constipation." Drink more water.


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        It's normal. For most people, the weakness/intense cravings/flulike symptoms will last a week or two. For a rare few, it can last quite a bit longer. 8 weeks is not unheard of. The cravings will go away faster if you refuse to give in.

        For the weakness, you can either carry on cold turkey and wait for it to pass, or else boost your carbs a bit with half a sweet potato or some roasted butternut squash. Fruit isn't the best choice for now because it'll feed your sugar cravings. Also, remember to make sure you're eating enough fat and protein; fat especially tends to be "scary" for new primals, but you'll get used to it.

        For the constipation, try: coffee, exercise, magnesium supplements, and/or fish oil. And don't worry -- this too shall *ahem* pass.
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          I had constipation that took a while to sort out.

          Try a good whack of magnesium citrate powder as an emergency solution, then make sure you take enough magnesium, eat greens/avocados for potassium and good fats.


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            For the carb cravings (and yes, they're normal - you're kicking an addiction) have some fat. Bacon is usually the best stopper for me.

            For the workouts - you are so overdoing it that it's not funny. CUT BACK ON THE WORKOUTS, especially in the first few weeks of this drastic alteration in your dietary intake. One change at a time; you're overwhelming your body.

            For the constipation - drink a lot more water than you think you need, and eat some fat to make things move along. You will find that bowel "output" will be reduced on PB. If you're used to "going" twice or three times a day, it may ease back to once a day or even less. This is normal, and not the same thing as constipation (hard stools and difficulty making it "go" even though you feel the urge). The key is lots of hydration and lots of fat-based lubrication to help the body move things along.

            Everything you've described is normal.
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              I'm 17 days in to full-on Primal and I've experienced some issues with constipation, too. I've found that starting the morning with a spoonful of coconut oil, followed by coffee really helps me. Additionally, I seem to do better when I eat massive amounts of leafy greens. If I make kale chips, I can eat the whole head of kale and that helps to get things moving.


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                And, of course, lots and lots of water.


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                  Thanks to all for the input, very useful thank you!