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I hate Fitday........thread solely dedicated to calorie counters!?

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  • I hate Fitday........thread solely dedicated to calorie counters!?

    I have been using Fitday to track calories and nutrients from time to time and I have to say that I really don't like the site. It doesn't remember me at all, and I often can't find certain foods. Looking for something a little easier to use and more extensive. Also looking for something that breaks down the micro nutrients in more detail. I thought it would be great to have a master thread for all of the online tracking calculators we like, for both fitness &/ nutrition.

    If this is a dupe, let me know! I did a search but didn't come up with a definitive thread on this topic in the first 2 pages of results then I got tired of digging for it :/

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    I'm also interesting in knowing some better sources than FitDay. It has too much advertising, lacks some foods or decent internal search engine and isn't inaccurate on some foods.


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      This probably isn't relevant to your search because I have no interest at all in 'micro nutrients.' I need to restrict calories, and that's what I primarily count--along with carbs and protein. Anything else (fat included), I don't worry about.

      I'm old (69), so I've not changed my habit of counting on my own--using the internet for reference. I plan my meals in advance (at least one day), and if I don't know the calories or carbs or protein, I'll check on a site like calorie king. Since I eat almost exclusively whole foods (no 'recipes'), it's easy for me to get the numbers. I don't weigh or measure anything--relying on the purchase weight for my calculations--e.g., a pound of bison or salmon, etc. and then divide by portions.

      This has worked well without stressing me. In the past several years, I've gone from a high of 340 to my current 158. I take no Rx except for my hypothyroidism, and all my blood values are excellent. So 'micro nutrients' are not an issue for me.


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        I don't notice ad issues on FitDay, but I do use Adblock. I have noticed too that their food catalog isn't very deep and it's a pain in the neck for me to enter things I know aren't that weird.

        SparkPeople has a pretty extensive and easy to use calorie calculator: Sparkpeople requires a log in, but is free.

        You'll have to fight with its default settings though--it'll want to put you on a calorie restricted diet and it will yell at you (so to speak) if you go over or under on what it wants you to eat. You CAN change the settings to reflect your goals, though--it's not that hard but finding the right form to change it can be a little tricky (Its on the nutrition tracker page at the top). It has a deeper "library" of foods and has an easy to use "make this a favorite" or "make this a food grouping" functions that let you save foods you enter a lot or enter foods you enter together a lot without searching for them, and it also gives you access to user-generated values. Be careful with those--they can be inaccurate, either due to input error or to "drift" of what's in processed foods as they tinker with the recipe (of course, if you're not eating processed foods, this isn't as much of an issue, now, is it? Though I did just notice an entry that says there's 600 calories and 90 grams of fat in an ounce of cashews!!!) I've found their verified values pretty dead on though, and they have a form where you can flag something for inaccuracies and they'll check it, which is pretty nice. Its also linked into spark recipes, which lets you enter recipes into their own online database (you can make them private for just your use) and put them directly into your food tracker. That's helpful sometimes.

        They have apps for smartphones, as well, if I remember right (I don't have a smartphone, so I never used it) and also a little app for iGoogle if you use that (I do, and it was always nice to have my calorie tracker right on my homepage).

        It will also show you trend lines over time for nutrient values, which can be really handy if you want to see how, say, your protein intake looked over the last week on average, and it has a nice place where you can keep track of your measurements over time, too.

        I might go back to it myself, because it has a deeper food catalog and because I'm really good with it since I tried their program for about five months last year. The program didn't work for me (since I'm here I guess that should be pretty obvious, huh?) but their tracking software I still think is quite impressive.
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          Check out Lose It! (, it's my site and app of choice.


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            Chron-o-meter. It's a free dowloadable program based on, which is in turn based on the USDA data for most foods. Has extensive listing of micronutrients, you can enter your own foods and it highlights them in a different color, and is reprogrammable to adjust for what YOUR intake of ANYTHING should be. Also tracks amino acids and omega 3s and 6s.
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              I like


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                I love

                It costs $9/month but you can save your meals and recipes for future use, it has great trackers and charts for weight and consumption (carbs, net carbs, fat, protein, et.) and really awesome, supportive forums. It's very easy to customize to meet your needs!

                I've been using them for years and have tried other sites but like my
                Food diary best.



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                  I love Fitday because I've been using it for years and have tons of custom foods entered (though now that I eat mostly fresh foods it's much easier to find things in the database).

                  People seem to really love, and the daily plate. They have extensive databases.


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                    Originally posted by naiadknight View Post
                    Chron-o-meter. It's a free dowloadable program based on, which is in turn based on the USDA data for most foods. Has extensive listing of micronutrients, you can enter your own foods and it highlights them in a different color, and is reprogrammable to adjust for what YOUR intake of ANYTHING should be. Also tracks amino acids and omega 3s and 6s.
                    +1 you get the best breakdown, vitamins, minerals, you can custom and alter, you get an Omega 3:6, amino profile etc
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                      I have used for over a year now, it has frequently eaten lists, gives you macros, has a HUGE food list--it's very rare that I can't find a specific brand of food. It's free, unless you upgrade to GOLD ($45/yr) then you get a lot more options like your daily nutrients and being able to see a week at a glance so you can drag/drop foods that you eat everyday.

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                        I use FitDay to track (when I am tracking).

                        It was a pain initially, and for a long while during set up, but now I have tons of foods entered in my custom list. It remembers my username and password, so just hit the bookmark, hit enter and I'm in. I entered all this info manually from labels, etc. Some stuff like yams or whatever I got the info from FitDay.

                        It's extremely rare for me to eat anything that isn't already in there, so it's super easy to tally up for me. I've got 200+ entries in there. I should look back and see how many I actually *use* these days though, my diet is getting simpler and simpler. There aren't too many days when I can't just enter my food intake using the Recent Foods drop down menu, and I think that holds 35 of your recent food choices.

                        Might not be the best, but it works for me.


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                          I use CRON-o-meter. It's free to download and since it's its own program, I don't need internet access to use it. I customized all my nutritional targets, including putting a limit on PUFAs and altering the n6:n3 ratio to be no more than 4:1. It comes loaded with the USDA database of nutritional info, so there's usually an entry I can use to enter something, especially since I mostly eat whole foods. And it even has separate categories for grass-fed versus conventional ground beef and NY strip, as well as entries for bison.

                          I pretty much only use it to double-check that I'm getting enough calories, especially on days when I end up hungry at odd times, and to plan my meals so that I get most of my nutrition from meals without relying on snacks. Plus I can check my micronutrients once in a while to see if I'm low on anything, especially if I feel lethargic and it can't be explained by simply not eating enough food.


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                            Originally posted by Melantha View Post
                            I use CRON-o-meter.
                            +1 for the CRON-o-meter. Best tool ever.

                            I have used countless comparable tools (all web based) and although I would have preferred a web application, it works just so much better for me that it is worth the extra effort. Not only do I think that it is the most convenient tool in terms of adding predefined and custom foods but the vitamin and mineral tracking helped me to figure out why I was not feeling so well (I was lacking a lot of things as a vegetarian). It was definitely one of the most important factors of convincing me to go primal.

                            I uploaded a couple of screenshots here since they explain things probably much better than a wall of text:

                            P.S.: Not proud about the weight diagram. Got seriously thrown off track by tons of christmas cookies. ;-)
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                              Wait, where'd you get an entry for eggs with biotin? Are there database patches or something? I have the v0.9.7, if that helps.

                              Edit: Oh, nevermind; I see that that entry is green, which means you entered the food yourself...