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Problems after 3 or 4 days

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  • Problems after 3 or 4 days

    So in August I had attempted to go primal and after 4 days got very sick and ended up just saying screw it for that day and ate whatever that day and the next. Then got back at it for another 3 or 4 days. Over the course of that time period I lost 26 lbs. which is crazy. And after I stopped the second time I put 10 back on over the next few days. Then I have just been trying to eat less grain and sugar and managed to lose another almost 10 lbs by the end of the year. I realized that in August I had lost too much water to quickly and the "sick" feeling was potassium deficiency.

    So fast forward to Jan. I wanted to do primal for 30 days. So I started that again. and I noticed that eating fruit made my blood sugar feel low so I cut back on it. Then the water loss started again. So I tried potassium supplements and eating more tomato products etc. and it calmed down. But I cant eat that many tomatoes and chili every day.As soon as I don't I start losing water like mad. And it happening again like that so soon makes it worse. I get very weak, sore, cant get enough fluids.

    I have in the past done low carb diet with no issue. Even for months. I dont understand whats going on this time. I am a good 30 lbs heavier than i was then. With the fruit I dont lose too much water but I wake up with low blood sugar type feeling the next day and it makes me prone to being more hungry during the day.

    Any Ideas?

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    I'm possibly suffering the exact same thing right now. Day 4 of the Whole 30, and the worst one since I went primal in early Dec. I'm drinking lots of water and its coming out totally clear, but my bowels are still bunged up and won't move more than twice a week. Three times per two weeks is average. Have you got this problem as well?


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      Yes. After a day or so of the excess urination and extra water, I start having a lot of pain and muscle weakness. Light headed. I can't function so I have to stop.


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        Yeah, we have the same thing by the sounds of it. I've got stomach pain and muscle weakness as well. Keeping up with my exercise plan is tough at the moment. I'm starting to wonder whether the CW regarding water is true.. that the more you drink the better your digestion and strength, etc. Obviously we need some every day, but is binging on it really healthy? Has anyone got any input on this? I rarely go more than a few hours without drinking a pint of water. And sometimes I'll just drink it steadily throughout the day. But I don't feel good.


        Funny you should post this right now because I'm watching this documentary on BBC iplayer called Human Planet: Desserts

        Really interesting, I'm only 8 minutes in but there's this African kid called Mamadu whose trekking miles and miles across the Sahara with his cows, in search of water. He must be getting a fraction of what we are. Infact the program's about how their lives are a constant struggle for water. Yet he looks very healthy, and energetic. Well adapted. He's trekked 80 km to the nearest lake, living on what I presume is just the milk from his cows (it showed him milking them for his breakfast, but I don't know what else he's had in the way of food and drink).

        A kid living in 'poverty' with very little water, but healthier than the both of us. He's living just like African Grok did 100 000 years ago. Amazing really.
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          The only thing I could think of is keep on drinking as much water as you can. Try adding more salt to your diet ( this is easy to do), you might be developing a bit of an electrolyte deficiency. I know that's not paleo but who cares, I think its fine provided you don't have super high blood pressure.

          I tend to think the water advice from CW is good advice, we need water to stay hydrated and healthy. Just because Grok didn't have cups and a faucet does not mean he would not have drinken more water had he had access to it.


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            I think salt could make it worse in this case. In really looking over the potassium counts in foods I think I never get enough and the water loss compounds the issue and makes it more noticeable. I am going to try eating more low sugar high potassium foods. Avocado's for one and seeing if that will help. I am off primal at the moment. But I think after a week or so of getting the rda of potassium I am going to try again. I am hesitant to dive back into to because i have done it twice now and each time it takes longer to get over it.


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              Either way finding a way to increase your sodium intake, helps with water retention if excessive water loss is your problem. You are flushing out all your electrolytes if you are constantly losing water.


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                Cheers Stu, sodium deficiency might be the problem here. I'm gonna double the amount of table salt I put on things and see if it helps. I eat lots of high potassium food, avocado's, bananas etc, so I don't think upping the potassium intake will help.

                Do you know any natural whole food sources high in sodium. I did a google search but could only find foods that were processed, they were generally the ones with the highest content.

                EDIT. Just found the big tub of salt I've been using for the past two years. It's 'low sodium, potassium enriched salt'. That went straight in the bin. I'm gonna get some real salt today
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                  Have you had a look at the potassium deficiency symptoms to see if they apply to you?
                  Cut down on water and see if that helps.
                  Have you checked your Blood Pressure to see what it is?
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                    I havent checked it in a while, but the symptoms do seem to fit. So drink less even though my thirst level is through the roof? I considered that but kept drinking anyway.


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                      When I started primal, I was really thirsty. I drank a lot of water, which probably flushed a lot of sodium out of my body. I had to add a lot of salt back in. I use Celtic sea salt. This helped stabilize my blood pressure which started getting low. No Grok was not mainlining salt and water but he was also not having to detox from a SAD diet. You are also most likely to be experiencing low carb flu in the early days of primal. This is when your body is screaming for carbs, not unlike a drug addict's body craving drugs. If you were eating heavy carbs prior to primal you are more likely to experience carb withdrawal which can be mild to hellish.
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                        Originally posted by randallfloyd View Post
                        Do you know any natural whole food sources high in sodium. I did a google search but could only find foods that were processed, they were generally the ones with the highest content.
                        Celtic sea salt, celery, seaweed are the best recommendations regarding sodium I can think of.

                        I think a lot of people in the paleo/primal blogosphere are afraid of sodium because if you are eating SAD/processed food you get way too much sodium. But they forget that it is an essential nutrient that are bodies need.

                        Sue it is generally bad advice to advise someone to drink less water when they are having problems with water retention. Thirst is your body telling you that you need water, you are already well on your way to dehydration by the time your body tells you that its thirsty.


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                          dill pickles and kraut work better......and you based results on your stools.......if your poop is too big and hard you need more salt and a lot more Magnesium. I usually recommend 400mgs of MgOxide in the AM and 800mgs at night.


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                            Second the magnesium for constipation. Also--up your starchy carbs like sweet potatoes to ease in more gently. Dairy works as well, if you can tolerate it.
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                              Maybe you should drink some coconut water.