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cooking with tea seed oil?

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  • cooking with tea seed oil?

    i receieved this "stir fry tea oil" in a gift basket at christmas, and was wondering if it would be safe to cook with.

    all vegetable and seed oils i generally stay away from, with the high PUFA content and commercial processing. but this is labeled "100% organic, extra-virgin, cold pressed tea seed oil"...and although the nurition info on the site doesn't go into much detail, the bottle i have reads 2g saturated fat, 13g MUFAs and only 1.5g PUFAs per tbsp.

    does anyone have experience with this product? and based on the low PUFA would this oil be comparable to, say, olive oil?

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    Never heard of it. Sounds ok.
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      I bought a bottle of that same oil a few years ago. The first thing I did was make a salad dressing with it, and it was unbelievably disgusting. It had a greasy mouth feel, and it left a burning sensation in the back of my throat. The stuff tastes terrible. I threw it out.


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        thanks for the replies - i tried some in a stir-fry a few nights ago and while the flavor was okay, the smell was a little odd. last night, i tried stir-fry again but did half-tea oil and half-coconut oil. definitely an improvement, but still not "omg amazing", you know? least it was free, i don't have to feel guilty about not using it.

        maybe i'll just use it for tanning oil, or something.


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          I was curious about's still a seed oil, kwim? Glad you described it here.

          I favor fats from animals and coconut oil myself. And macadamia nut oil once in a while.