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Sugar made from coconuts? Saw at Whole Foods - any thoughts?

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  • Sugar made from coconuts? Saw at Whole Foods - any thoughts?

    Okay so I saw coconut sugar at Whole Foods, made only from the sugar naturally occurring in coconuts (pressed/dehydrated out?) and was wondering, what is the PB take on this? Any ideas about its G.I.? Would YOU use it to sweeten your coffee and feel better about it than sugar?

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    processed food, sugar. not primal. if you NEED sweetener in your coffee use a bit of honey.


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      exactly. sugar is sugar.


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        I occasionally use Coconut Secret coconut sap crystals. It is dried coconut sap.


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          Dried coconut sap, evaporated cane juice, maple flakes.... It's all the same. If you allow yourself sugar use in moderation, otherwise don't. Personally I use (GASP!) white sugar on occasion: it's taste-neutral and the mineral content lost in 1 teaspoon of the stuff compared to the less-processed product is negligible. Seriously, have you checked out the stats on honey? 10mg of potassium in 1 tablespoon, and that was the highest value.


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            It's sugar, just from a different source. A little in your coffee will not hurt (Mark does it), but sugar is sugar, and it is destructive to the body.

            Try real Stevia extract. It is sweetener than sugar, and it doesn't have any effect on your blood sugar.


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              You might want to read this:

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                Interesting article Liz.

                I use stevia in moderation, though I just found out you can get the more unprocessed version (which is green), so I'll be switching to that next month. I only use it in my chai tea lattes anyway, so it's seasonal.
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