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  • Oprah... this Tuesday

    Oh no... Oprah others goes vegan for 1 week (or however long)... here we go. Oprah did it so now the whole world will believe it.

    Michael Pollan will be on the show as well and they will talk about factory farming. I am not sure what Michael Pollan's stance is besides trying to make the public aware of where our food comes from.

    Anyways, just a heads up! lol

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    I'm in here after listening to Mark Bittman and going vegan during the day. I was eating all those "healthy" whole grains and legumes. At the end of a month of that, I was so swollen. I couldn't get my wedding rings on. I looked pregnant. After doing a bit more research and reading Taubes and PB I decided this made a lot more sense. A week of PB got rid of all the water and I feel much better.


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      I saw that. Well, you know fads they come and go. Oprah hasn't been able to maintain her weight at a healthy range, she has had her share of fad diets. Maybe she should have Mark on her show and see how many people sign up.
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        I was vegan for a whopping (almost) 3 weeks last summer. BOOOOOOORRRRRRRRINNNNNNGGGGG.

        Me like bacon.
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          I was vegan for about 3 years; lost a good bit of weight in the process. It's not really that bad of a diet if managed properly -- hell of a lot better than an SAD. The issue is you end up supplementing protein with a bunch of crap -- Morningstar Farms, etc. Veggie burgers have so many ingredients you don't know what they are. If I had to evaluate the two, I would say that vegan definitely trumps SAD. The problem with a vegan diet is that it's tough to manage carb cravings, it's hard to find good sources of protein, and too many vegans don't eat actual vegetables.


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            I was really hoping you were going to say Mark was going to be on Oprah.... I would have turned the idiot box on for that one. lol


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              "Oprah did it so now the whole world will believe it." Excellent! More meat for me.