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Eat only when I'm hungry?

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  • Eat only when I'm hungry?

    I'm a little confused, and hopefully someone can help. I'm coming off the 6 meals a day plan, and have gone fully PB. I'm deployed, so there are only certain meal windows when food is available. My schedule usually precludes me from one of those windows. So, here's my question:

    Am I only supposed to eat when hungry? When I wake up, I'm not hungry, so it's easy for me to fast through breakfast. However, I usually miss lunch because I'm flying. Which leaves dinner, and by then I'm ravenous, but I'd need to eat my entire caloric intake at one meal. Can this be healthy?

    I cannot afford to bonk during flying because of low fat intake...but I'm not hungry at breakfast. I'm essentially doing a 20-22 hour fast everyday, and on some days a 16-18 hour fast.

    I could eat between meals, but I can't really take nuts into the jet, and nuts and beef jerky would be what I'd be limited to between meals. Trying to limit my intake of nuts due to the carbs inherent in them.

    Looking for some guidance, thanks!

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    Hmmm...what about starting to do a smaller dinner so you can eat breakfast?
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      Not sure if this is practical for you, but is there anything from breakfast that you can put in a ziploc baggie to munch when you're hungry (but prior to flying)? Maybe bacon, sausages, low-glycemic fruits? The meats might not taste as good when they're cold, but cooked meats should be safe without refrigeration for a while.
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        Tough situation there. I usually don't eat breakfast throughout the week because I don't find I'm hungry for it. However, by lunch time, I'm quite hungry.

        If I knew I couldn't eat lunch, I think I'd definitely make myself a breakfast, even if I wasn't overly hungry.

        I also don't think there's really anything wrong with having only one large meal. I guess it would depend on how you felt throughout the day without having eaten.

        I think trial and error would likely be best. Try forcing breakfast upon yourself and see what that's like, then try skipping to see if that's any better?


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          I do IF (16-18 hours) and I eat 2 meals per day - the first one is about 1 or 2 in the afternoon right after training and usually is between 2,000 and 2,500 calories. The 2nd is 6 hours later and about 500 calories. It has done nothing but help me lose fat, so I don't think 1 large meal will be detrimental.
          Also, nuts do have a large'ish carb content, but you won't be eating assloads of them because they are very satiating.
          As fufonzo said - it's gonna take some trial and error on your part to see what you can and can't do.
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            I would play around. Does eating a small breakfast make you more hungry/less hungry. What kind of breakfast can you tolerate. Go for some bacon and an egg and see what happens.

            I would not worry about nuts that much if they help and you are hungry, eat them. They also have protein and fat. If you are not nut sensitive they are a very good portable meal.

            Sometimes I eat when I am not hungry. Like right now my lunch is in the micro. I just (and I mean JUST) finished running. I am never hungry when I finish running. However, I know from experience that in about an hour I will be ravenous and the longer I wait the worse it will be. And in about 2 hours carb cravings will skyrocket. And I have to leave in about 20 minutes and will not have access to real food again for about 4 hours. So it is now or be out of control right when I hit the grocery store. 300 calories now trumps 1000 carby calories later
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              i would have a breakfast, keep the jerky handy, and just keep experimenting.

              i don't wnat you bonking while flying either.


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                I'll try some different things and see what works the best. I'd had a hunch that I'd better eat when I can, rather than struggling through.

                My schedule just changed again, I think it may be more conducive to the meal times.

                Thanks for the insight!


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                  Technically there isn't anything wrong with one meal a day. I don't feel good eating that way but if it works for you...