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Diagnosed with adrenal fatigue

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  • Diagnosed with adrenal fatigue

    I've posted a couple of times here about carb flu and just wanted to share this and ask for any suggestions.

    I'm 48 and cannot remember a day when I haven't been at least somewhat tired going back into my teens. I spent 20 years in very high pressure sales before realizing I was killing myself 7 years ago and training to become a Life Coach and then moving to the US.

    The whole primal thing was to see if I could up my energy levels. As of yet it hasn't worked, but I am still very confident, especially in light of what happened last night.

    Yesterday my wife (she's a nurse of 22 years experience) came home with a load of medical gear. Unbeknown to me she'd spent a couple of hours with a doctor (who's her best friend) researching adrenal fatigue and had found out the best ways to initially test for it (without blood or saliva) by checking blood pressure lying and then standing in quick succession, pupil dilation and some thing where she ran a pen top across my midriff and looked for a white line.

    It if had been a school test I'd have aced it because I was positive on all 3 and according to the doctor who devised the tests, the last one only applied to 40% of people and that nails adrenal fatigue.

    I'm booked into to see a specialist next week and here are my concerns. It's going to cost a fortune - I mean like $750 by the time my bloods are done etc.

    I know he's very open-minded because he left traditional medicine and endocrinology to set up his wellness clinic, and also when I mentioned Paleo to his PA her voice seemed to suggest she was cool with it. I know I could be wrong, but I read peoples voice intonation for a living and I'm pretty good at it.

    So the cost is an issue and also the fact he may tell me to carry on doing what I'm doing and that would be a waste of money.

    He may also tell me to start eating a lot of whole grains because everything I read on adrenal fatigue (except the paleo/primal communities) says to do that.

    I'm not sure what else he can do as I eat well (now), my stress levels are that of a very relaxed dog, I love my job, I meditate almost daily, I don't smoke, I take daily breaks from work, I do yoga etc.

    The only thing I don't do is bloody sleep, which is why I'm so frustrated.

    I'm glad to know the reason for the extended carb flu though and to realize I'm not just weird. Well no weirder than I thought I was.
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    I'm going to tell you everything I was told:

    Get rid of caffeine. All of it.

    Take an herbal adrenal supplement.

    Take L-theanine (this stuff is da bomb for me and my anxiety, if you don't have that, you might not feel much difference?)

    Take a good quality B supplement (and possibly take extra b-12, that seems to help with fatigue)

    Take a good quality D3 supplement (did they test your levels? If not, ask them to. Mine hovered around 15 until I switched to a good supplement (Carlson drops) and took it with fatty food. Now, I've gotten it up in the 40's and I'm hoping by March it will be up in the "normal" range.)

    Sleep. Sleep as much as you can without getting fired or divorced (I don't remember who said that, but I love it!) Personally, I have awful insomnia, so I have a series of things I do to make sure I get enough sleep. If you describe why you're not sleeping, I'm sure you can get some great advice here.

    Eat lots of good quality fat. Don't "cheat" with any frankenfoods at. all.

    Cut out dairy.

    Cut out nightshades (I haven't done this one yet. I feel so much better with the above, that I'm hoping this one is unnecessary.)

    I hope that helps.


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      From personal experience, unless you are just loaded, I would not recommend spending $750 to get adrenal tests.

      I was diagnosed by an alternative medicine practitioner for a mere $95 (and she diagnosed just about everything else) - and she recommended some adrenal fatigue medicine that has helped ALOT.
      It's by Natrabio, called adrenal support - and has worked wonders.

      However, my mother (who is closer to your age range) has much stronger supplements, she takes Maca & rhodiola. She did initially feel better after taking the Natrabio, and was encouraged to see the practitioner as well - she hasn't seen as much improvement as me, but then again, she isn't Primal.


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        Oh, and I second everything said above! Personally I do well with dairy, but mot people i know with more severe adrenal fatigue do not - especially cow's milk (goat's and sheep are much better).


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          I'm sorry to hear about the adrenal fatigue, but glad you know what it is. Ask how accurate the diagnosis is if those three tests your wife performed are positive -- $750 probably isn't worth it to go from 95% to 100% sure. My chiropractor also tested my adrenal levels with a urine sample -- ask about that.

          How many carbs are you eating? Some research suggests that low carb can cause increased cortisol, if you're not in Mark's "sweet spot" of 100-150g per day try that, see how you feel. Like lolov said, if you take any caffeine, stop. Same with sugar, even honey and the like. See if you can identify any environmental toxins that might be contributing: particularly dirty air/water, cleaning chemicals, etc. Check this out: 8 Ways to Reduce your Chemical Load.

          If you're pretty stress-free it might be that your adrenals just need a jump-start with supplements, that some time of that will get them back to normal at which point you're in the clear.


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            @lolov - Brilliant stuff thanks. When I went fully Primal I kicked the coke easily. At the moment I drink about 2 c or 3 cups of coffee early in the morning, but reluctantly agree and even said to my wife last night that may be the next sensible thing to do. :-(

            Literally started taking L-theanine this week on the advice of the 'expert' in the supplement section at Whole Foods.

            Not eating much dairy - no milk and tiny bits of cheese when my wife mixes it with other things. I'll look into that and the supplements. Great stuff, thanks!

            @lexi340 - No I'm a long way from being loaded, but I'm so sick of this that I'll pretty much do whatever it takes at the moment. Thanks for the heads up on Natrabio

            @AndreaReina - That's a very good point. I can always book again in a month if nothing happens with the changes I'm going to make.

            I'll check out the link. And I agree, I think this is a remnant of the past and once I get over the hump I'll be cool.

            I feel a bummer of a caffeine detox coming on ;-)
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              I agree with the recommendations above. And you can get a saliva adrenal test done for around $125 or $150 online, so I'm not sure what he's charging for, it might be for an initial consultation, and labs and... well, you might just want to figure out what. Not that good doctor overseeing your work isn't a good thing, you just might want to know what you're paying for first. It might be a whole protocol... not just testing, and may include supplements, etc. I would just get further information on what you're getting for your money so you can make a more informed decision.

              The key to the adrenals is not really to "fix" them.. it's to remove the things in your life that are stressors for them, and allowing them to heal themselves up.

              Definitely ditch caffeine. The supplement I took was Adreset, I really liked that, and L-theanine for sure. Getting your D3 up to where it should be is super important.

              Removing stress from your life is the #1 thing you need to do. I'm not sure what your situation is, but living the go-go-go nonstop lifestyle and/or having huge stressful events in your life will keep you from getting better. For me it was a job from hell, with the verbally abusive job from hell. Until I left that job there was no way I was going to get better because as Zen as I could try to be when somebody storms into your office unexpectedly yelling at you for not wording an email the way they'd like... well your adrenals react. Adrenaline flows. Nothing you can do about that. So for me, removing myself from that situation was paramount.

              Things like yoga and meditation can be good, as well as counseling to deal with any issues/worries you may have. Anything that gets you into a more positive state of mind is going to help a lot.

              My adrenals were bottomed out (below the lowest range) almost three years ago, so I truly relate.

              And kudos to your wife for helping you figure out what's up!
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                @ Minxxa - Stress is zero of an issue to me now. I'm a Life Coach and I even write about this stuff! I meditate, do yoga, spend an hour every morning walking my dogs and work out - Primal style. That's why this was something I discounted for so long, because I refused to believe it could happen to me.

                The $750 was a guesstimate based on an initial consultation of $500 and then a follow up of $200 plus any tests. They were really up front with me and said the average client spent between $700 and $900. The guy does look good and I hold people that start in traditional medicine and then segue out when they realize a lot of it is bullshit in high regard.

                Then again I hold $750 in high regard!

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                  Can I be nosy for a minute and ask who you see that's cool with Paleo? I live close to you (judging by your location, no creepy stalker here), Metrowest area, and I'm trying to find a practitioner who won't judge me for my crazy diet, with little luck so far.

                  I'm dealing with the same fatigue issue, and my GP keeps harping on my diet as a cause and blowing off my concerns. I think it's time I made a switch.


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                    Good! I'm glad you got the stress under control...

                    I can totally see paying $750 to have someone who's an expert and NOT CW treat you! And peace of mind (and body) may very well be worth it.

                    I saw an ND for a year or so and she got me started on the right track, then I found a decent reg. doctor covered through my insurance and have been going through him. I love him, and he's MUCH less CW than everyone else, but still.. there are some issues my ND is better in tune with.
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                      Not creepy at all mate. It wasn't my GP that was open but the alternative guy. His name is Edwin Lee and he's actually in Metro West.

                      I haven't broached the subject with my GP yet. I'm going on Friday with a list of tests I want him to do. If he embraces my like a long lost friend that owes him 500 bucks when I tell him I'm Primal I'll let you know.

                      OTOH, I know from last time he has a huge poster showing the CW food pyramid in his office so I suspect he's more likely to suggest I pop on a jacket with very long sleeves whilst he ties it up behind my back.
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                        Originally posted by timbrownson View Post
                        I suspect he's more likely to suggest I pop on a jacket with very long sleeves whilst he ties it up behind my back.
                        This is pretty much the reaction I've gotten as well. It leaves them free to put their hands in my pockets without any interference from me.

                        In any case, I'll continue the search for an MD with some intellectual curiosity--one who will take my HMO, in a perfect world.

                        All the best


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                          Tim, something I forgot to mention is that working out right now might be a no-no. It's a stress on the body and while it might be transient right now your body needs a minimum of any kind of stressors, including good ones. Your specialist will be able to confirm if this is appropriate. Ditto with IF if you do it. Here are some threads on the forums about your issue:

                          Stage III Adrenal Fatigue and the Primal Diet
                          Please Help Me With Stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue


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                            Originally posted by lolov View Post

                            Take L-theanine (this stuff is da bomb for me and my anxiety, if you don't have that, you might not feel much difference?)
                            Ive heard of this before. Are the benefits immediate? and any side effects i should know about?


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                              My adrenal function test (saliva) cost $95.

                              I haven't started any adrenal support or desiccated adrenal yet, as that will be decided when I see my naturopath next week, but I am feeling A LOT better and WAY less fatigued just from the B complex I recently began.

                              I'm off the nightshades and dairy, and I am going to have to switch to a decaf chai, I can see.
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