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Avoiding the dreaded cold bug

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  • Avoiding the dreaded cold bug

    I have a child in elementary school so I'm constantly exposed to the germ factory. He's recently had a cold, and today I feel like it's chasing me. I've been lucky and haven't been sick all winter except for a 48-hour stomach flu that ran rampant through my whole family right after Christmas.

    Just wondering what everyone does when you feel like you're getting sick. Today I'm upping my Vit D, drinking green tea, and I may take a rest from exercise today and relax on the sofa with a good book.

    Any recommendation on how high to up the vit D for a few days?

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    10,000 IUs should be sufficient. Additionally zinc would be helpful. Maybe added magnesium could help you sleep more. And Echinacea for 3 or 4 days would help strengthen your system - just be sure to cycle off of it.
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      Agreed. Zinc + D for sure. Real chicken soup too. You made from an actual chicken carcass? In all seriousness, bone broths are helpful for immunity. Oh and a probiotic. Most of your immunity comes from your gut. So healthy gut flora = healthy body.