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Magnesium supplement made me too tired?

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  • Magnesium supplement made me too tired?

    I thought I was taking 400mg of Magnesium Glycinate which made me sleep really deeply and gave me some seriously vivid dreams but left me feeling a little too relaxed the next day. The other night I realized I was only taking one pill, which is only 200mg (half the recommended dose) so one night I took two pills. The next day I was so tired I felt like I took a NyQuil or something.

    I stopped taking it at night, and now I'm back to my energetic self. I checked my totals on Fitday and see that via diet I get about 400mg of Magnesium every day so I'm wondering if the supplement is too much?

    Anyone else notice this?

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    I take 200mg magnesium citrate around 1:30-2pm mon-friday (after eating) and don't feel any different, positive or negative. I only took two once but at different times and can't say if it made me drowsy because I took the second just before bed. I didn't feel considerably more tired the following day.

    I take it along with 5,000IU of D and 2 fish oil caps (NOW DHA 500)... I like to take them all after eating as it's easier for me to remember. On weekends I may or may not take any of them, harder to remember to do it.
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      It doesn't make me too tired, but it definitely relaxes me and helps my sleep. I take about 500mg a day in addition to my dietary intake. It's a must have for me, but each person is different. If you are sleeping well without it and not showing any signs of deficiency elsewhere I'd do just what you are doing.
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