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"Baffling" news: Obesity up, cholesterol down -- huh???!!!???

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  • "Baffling" news: Obesity up, cholesterol down -- huh???!!!???

    Yes, the CW world is confounded. How is this possible?

    Good thing very few new reports raise the issue of the conflict. Otherwise, people might ask questions before returning to American Idol and chowing down on granola bars.

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    Seriously -- no one else saw this?


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      Even better -- doesn't even raise a question for the "journalist" writing this story:

      "The United States, Canada, Sweden and Finland have also achieved large drops in average cholesterol in their populations in the past 20 years. At the same time, some of those places have seen steep increases in weight, as measured by body mass index, or BMI."


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        Could it be skewed by the tens of thousands of people (if not millions) on Lipitor or other statins? I bet if we culled that crowd with artificailly downward numbers there would have been in increase.


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          Yeah, I suspect this reflects the triumph of Big Pharma in getting doctors to prescribe statins to practically every adult in the USA--and probably most other countries as well!


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            Or cholesterol isn't the problem.
            Here's another one in business week.
            It doesn't even raise the question of why.


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              The BBC's version of the story finishes up with assorted experts saying chirpily that 'it's not all bad news' and it's great that screening and treatment have enabled us to get cholesterol and blood pressure levels under control.

              Or in other words - yes, more and more of us are becoming more and more obese, but on the positive side, we're increasingly dependent on medications, too.


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                Here's Eades on the subject a few weeks ago. He compares the orthodoxy to the Big Lie.

                He has a good big picture take on macronutrients, though he leaves out alcohol. Worth reading. It offers an explanation of why no mainstream journalist even asks the question.


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                  I'm sure the cancer rates are up as well.
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