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Swelling and Low Mood, help!

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  • Swelling and Low Mood, help!

    I have been follow the primal way of eating for a few months now but over the past few weeks my mood is low and its a struggle to get motivated to do things. Its like I have to work myself up to it. And more recently from my belly button down to my feet have become swollen, has anyone else experienced this?! Perhaps due to an imbalance of sodium and potassium as my intake in meat has increased? Any thoughts would be gratefully recieved!

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    "And more recently from my belly button down to my feet have become swollen,"

    You should go see a doctor. I have never heard of this,

    What does your daily diet consist of ? Are you taking any meds ?



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      this seems rather odd to me (and I've seen some odd things) and I'm leaning toward the "see a doctor" camp.

      if you press your finger into the swollen area, does it leave an indentation (even for just a few seconds)? that's a sign of lymph edema which should DEFINITELY be checked out ASAP (can be caused by an infection or parasite or something more innocent like an injury, but better to be safe than sorry)

      ETA: if there is ANY chance you're pregnant, go to the ER as sudden and excessive swelling can be a sign of preeclampsia
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        Go to the Doctor as this can be a sign of serious problems. other than that, are you eating more salt or have you started eating something you wouldn't normally?


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          Another "go see a doctor"! The edema you are describing can signal some serious conditions--or minor ones, and it's best to get medical attention ASAP.


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            Thanks for the responses and concern. I have seen a doctor and the swelling had gone down loads and seems to have stayed down. He didnt seem to think it was anything serious, I can only think I am eating more salt due to an increase in protein/salty meat. I am having blood tests soon to see if anything comes up there.
            Thanks again!