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    Anyone have any advice for the last 5%? I currently can tell I have 6 division of my abs, by I want to go the rest of the way. I would want to be as shredded as Martin Berkhan, but I don't think I can go that far.
    Does anyone have strategies for the final stages of weight loss?

    About me: I am 165 pounds. From waist hip ratio bodyfat measurements I am 12% fat. I engage in intelligent strength training (reverse pyramid, heavy weights, compound exercises) 3x a week, and am pretty strong (I can do 7 weighted pullups with 50lbs). I am young, I do well with moderate carbs. I used to be a bit overweight and now, thanks to Primal, I am moderately lean.

    Sorry, I know that this is another "how can I get ripped quick" post, and I realize how annoying that these get.

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    Its not annoying but you just have to be patient. Things tend to slow down at this stage. Keep in mind that the human body does NOT want you to be super lean as that is not preferable from a survival point of view ( yes I know tribes people sometimes fall into the ripped category but other stuff is at play there) So the point is to trick the body by giving it plenty of nourishment but sensibly reducing calories. At your stage its just mostly a matter of time especially as you get stronger and build muscle you will spend more calories at rest and if you keep eating primal everything will work out.

    You may want to go to and check the stubborn body fat post though some methods I wouldn't really mess with I don't think -- higher caffeine intake, usage of yohimbine, etc...
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      calorie restriction, carb restriction, intermittent fasting, no dairy, more sleep.

      If you don't have a six pack with that then you are genetically screwed so just eat ice cream and work on your guns.
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        IF and VLC. Heavy lifting, and slow movement on rest days. 9+ hours of sleep nightly.
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