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I feel SOOOO sick....

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  • I feel SOOOO sick....

    WTF did I do to myself?! Yesterday was my birthday so I decided to have a little treat, so made some Gluten Free brownies. I ate two. Today I could barely move, brutal headache all day, nauseaus, bloated, sleepy, etc... I should note that I havent been sick in 13 years, save for a head cold that usually lasts 24-48 hrs.

    Would all of this have been from the brownies?! Let me tell you, from now on my birthday treat will be a big fat mango or something!

    I'm getting extra sleep tonight and hoping I wake up feeling better tomorrow!

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    Hope you feel better, soon! I wonder what the ingredients were in your gluten free brownies.... were they a box mix or something you made from scratch?


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      Namaste brand.... if you google it they'll come up.


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        See, proof that getting older makes you sick Happy birthday and feel better soon!


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          yeah use fruit as a new way to treat yourself


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            Next time make those coconut cupcakes from the reader compiled cookbook instead. They are awesome. No gluten. Low carbs. And they stay moist forever. Hope you feel better soon, lousy way to wake up from a birthday!
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              Ingredients in that mix?

              Possibly they replaced gluten-containing flours with bean flours?

              I certainly couldn't digest that.


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                Next time spring for dark chocolate covered fruit. Sorry you're feeling lousy.
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                  Thanks for the new treat suggestions... I'm thinking dark chocolate covered fruit is the way to go for me! Yum!!