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  • Getting enough carbs

    Hello everybody! I am lifting weights 3x a week, where the "off days" are running/hiking and cycling. I am 20 years old male, weighs about 85 kg and is 1.95 metres above the ground.

    I feel like I need to put some weight on me. I think my BF % lays between 15-16 % (I have a visible six-pack).

    A typical day would be like this;

    Breakfast: 3-4 eggs and 200-300 grams of bacon
    Lunch/post-workout: spinat-smoothie (200 grams spinach, 1-2 banana(s), 50 grams frozen berries, water) + almonds
    Dinner: chicken filé (400-500 g) with garlic, onion, spinach, broccoli, carrots etc.
    Pre-bed: 100 grams berries with one can of coconut milk and from time to another I add almond pancakes

    Do you guys think I'm headed in the right direction? I have been primal for about 1-2 months and I must admit it was very hard in the start. I recently had a very bad flue (due to the low-carbs) but I feel much stronger now. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger =)

    So; how do you guys get to lay between 100-150 g carbs a day? I'm afraid I don't get enough calories. I eat when I'm hungry, and the squat burns hell a lot of calories.

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    What you're doing sounds pretty good.

    Since you are very active you may need more carbs than the average person. Potatoes would be the best source of carbs in my opinion, along with some fruit.


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      You should be getting at least 100g+ of carbs per day considering on your menu you said you have 1-2 bananas, frozen berries, and more berries before bed. Add that to the veggies you are eating you are easily at 100g of carbs per day or more. If you want to get a better understanding of where you stand macronutrient wise, check out It is free and you can enter in your daily menu and it will break it all down for you.

      By the way, I would think you are less than 15-16% BF if you are a male that needs to gain weight and you have a visible 6 pack. Most guys I know who have a six pack and are really lean are normally between 8-10% BF.

      If you do want to add more carbs you should consider sweet potatoes post workout as your best carb option.
      "If man made it, don't eat it" - Jack Lallane

      People say I am on a "crazy" diet. What is so crazy about eating veggies, fruits, seafood and organ meats? Just because I don't eat whole wheat and processed food doesn't make my diet "crazy". Maybe everyone else with a SAD are the "crazy" ones for putting that junk in their system.


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        Abs can be pretty visible around 15%, I would know because mine are like that


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          Wow, I could never believe that I actually got this "much" carbs =)


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            According to fitday I get 4000 calories, 300 grams fat, 130 grams carbs and 216 grams protein. Pretty sweet =)