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40-60 Blue Diamond Roasted & Salted Almonds a Day?

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  • 40-60 Blue Diamond Roasted & Salted Almonds a Day?

    Day 8 of my Primal Journey...

    I found the easiest way to avoid unhealthy snacking for me is nuts. After I read the "A Week in the Life of Mark Sisson" blog post two weeks ago, where he refers to eating a snack of nuts ["4:00 PM - Snack: Handful of macadamia nuts (20ish)"], I switched my snacking to exclusively nuts - almonds, to be exact, in quantities of 20 at a time. Blue Diamond brand were what the store had, so it's what I bought.

    Never less than 20, never more than 60 over the course of a 24-hour period.

    My short-term goal is weight-loss (5'8"/245 when I started (242 now)/45 YO), and long-term goals are higher energy levels, consistent moods, greater day-to-day core strength & endurance, high activity levels into older age.

    Is this "un-primal" for any reason (processed nature of "roasted & salted," almonds instead of macadamia nuts, etc.)? Should I stop? Reduce? Edit?

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    Well, all nuts that are roasted in oil are roasted in the bad oils you want to avoid -- soybean, cottonseed, etc. So I would eat those only in an emergency (like, on a road trip and they were the only remotely acceptable thing I could get at a rest stop when I was was very hungry). Raw or dry roasted almonds would be better, although far from unproblematic as other folks will surely be on to point out in detail.


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      For weightloss you are going to want to cut out the nuts, lots of carbs and calories for such a small snack.
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        True enough -- 60 almonds would be 1/4 of my planned calories for the day. I think I'd rather have something more filling, personally.
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          ditto...i had to cut nuts out as i was eating too many and they caused me to gain weight. For me, they're just too addictive...


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            hot damn thats a lot of nut eating. if u like nuts, buy some pistachios that are still in the shell. u gotta work harder, and u make a mess u gotta clean up in order to eat them. so u will probably (probably!) eat less.


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              Diamond sells natural almonds and natural almonds with sea salt - not roasted - better than the roasted as no oils are added.


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                Something my local grocery stores just started carrying this week -- Blue Diamond Oven-Roasted Almonds. They're not cooked in oil, but they're still roasted. Unsalted, too. They're insanely delicious.


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                  Watch out--I just bought blue diamond almonds (snack pack size--perfect daily serving for me) and thought I was buying the raw kind (nothing but almonds) but got the roasted kind--all sorts of ingredients including *sugar*, *corn syrup*, etc...Not good.

                  I like to keep my nut consumption to a quarter cup a day or less personally. Not sure how many almonds that is, but otherwise I notice I start to gain weight. Macadamias are the best choice from an O3:O6 standpoint. But, snacking on nuts are def. better than eating a bunch of breadsticks or cookies...

                  Good luck finding the perfect amount for *you*.
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                    I'd buy raw almonds and roast your own if desired. 40-60 is quite a lot in my opinion. I would suggest about 24-36 for a 1-1.5 ounce portion.


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                      If you have lots of fat to lose, cut out the nuts. That has been my experience. I lost 20 pounds with nuts and dairy included. Then stalled. I then cut out the nuts and dairy, added in lots of sun and good sleep, and that brought my weight loss to 100 pounds pretty easily.

                      Look at it this way: look at Mark's physique, at his level of leanness, he snacks on 20 macadamias. No more. If you want to eat 60 nuts, you're either leaner than him, or don't really care about being lean...

                      If you have to eat almonds, much better to buy them raw and roast them yourself. That way, you're not stuffing yourself with bad oils.

                      1) Preheat your oven to 275 degs

                      2) Lay the almonds out in a single layer on a pan lined with aluminum foil or baking paper

                      3) When the temperature is reached, pop them in the oven for 10-13 mins

                      4) Take them out and let cool before storing in an airtight container
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                        FYI that is 10500 mg omega 6 per day. That's what you'd get from eating 5.5 lbs of ground beef, or 2lbs of macadamias (lowest omega 6, probably why mark chooses them). You'd have to eat a lb of salmon just to balance that, although it would probably be healthier to simply lower polyunsaturated fat intake overall. Would hunter gatherers really be eating 60 almonds every day?


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                          Maybe you could try to get to the point where you don't need to snack. Eat a bigger meal maybe with a little more fat to keep you from feeling the need to snack. To paraphrase Kurt Harris, don't graze all day like an herbavore. Personally I eat once or twice a day. I know the IF thing isn't for everyone, but it does show you what hunger is. 16-20 hours without eating isn't all that bad. No real hunger pangs until I hit the 24 hour mark(which I try not to do on purpose). I think when I used to snack it was more out of boredom and looking for something fun to do. If you really like the nuts by all means keep eating them, but I don't think it is optimal and you could probably find a better substitution.
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                            I had to cut the dairy and nuts, up my veggie intake (BAS and omeletes), and IF to cut fat. I loved my nuts...


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                              Ditto. The dry roasted unsalted ones are wonderful