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Lamb meat, liver, heart

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  • Lamb meat, liver, heart

    I bought this ground mixture at the co-op. I've never had liver or heart anything, but this was pastured and $4.00/lb. So, I figured why not. Well, it rang up as pet

    What should I do with this? There are no other ingredients. Any suggestions?

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    Anything you'd do with regular ground meat: chili, patties, tacos (wrapped in lettuce, of course ), meatloaf... I don't use ground meat much so my ideas are the standard, humdrum stuff sorry.


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      Meatballs, cooked in a middle-eastern tomato sauce? I have a recipe on my blog you might like (leave out the breadcrumbs, they're not necessary):


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        I just got through eating some ground lamb myself.
        1lb ground lamb
        1/2 cup sliced onion
        1/4 cup half and half palm oil/coconut oil
        3 cloves garlic
        5 leaves of red butter lettuce
        2 teaspoons freshly ground cardamon (green)
        2 teaspoons freshly ground pink pepper
        3 Tablespoons Dehydrated jalapeno flakes
        2 teaspoons cumin
        1/4 of a lemon (juiced)

        In a large saute pan I cooked the onion till it started to brown. Then added in the lamb meat and all of the spices except the garlic and jalapeno. When the meat was about 95% cooked I added the garlic and jalapeno and cooked just a minute more while the garlic/jalapeno became fragrant and the meat finished. Next I ripped huge hunks of the butter leaf lettuce and covered a large plate with the pieces. I lightly drizzled some olive oil over the lettuce, squeezed the lemon juice over and lightly sprinkled with salt. Then I topped that with the lamb mixture.

        I'm currently in a bit of food bliss.

        btw, I only used about half of the cooked lamb mixture on my lettuce.
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