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New to Primal but experiencing Stomach Cramps!

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  • New to Primal but experiencing Stomach Cramps!

    Hi there,

    I've been going Primal now for about a week or so and I've never felt so good! I really feel like it's changed my life!

    However over the last couple of days I've been experiencing pretty bad stomach cramps coupled with a number of trips to the bathroom. I'm also feeling a bit achy all over and light-headed.

    My girlfriend is also experiencing the same symptoms (also went Primal!)

    Does anyone have advice on what the cause of this could be (I imagine withdrawal from carbs!)?

    To hear anyone's experiences would be brilliant! Thanks.

    Sweeney30, England

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    Have you recently added a fair amount of coconut oil to your diet? I know when I started PB, I was downing coconut oil quite a bit, and that caused some stomach problems like you're describing. It could also just be the increase of fat in general--it may take a few days for your body to adjust. Hang in there, it shouldn't last long!


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      Thanks for the heads-up! My girlfriend cooked an almond butter and pecan flan the other night (delicious) from the PB cook book and this did include coconut oil so perhaps you're right.

      Having explored further it could be, as you say, the adjustment to burning fat.

      Thanks again!


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        Yeah, I would say that if you're transitioning from a very carb heavy diet, your stomach/gallbladder isn't used to producing enough of the fat digesting Lipase enzyme to handle the increased fat load.

        It will get better after a little time.....

        But for now, I suggest getting some digestive enzyme capsules and taking them before every meal. It will help alleviate the cramps until your gallbladder picks up the slack. :-)


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          Yeah, sounds like a combo of low carb flu and your digestion adjusting to the increased fats. You might want to up the fat more gently so your body ahs time to adjust.
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            The first few weeks I was all messed up. So much transitioning. I had eaten a lot more nuts (made me gassy), more veggies (they made me have to 'go'), more meat (seemed to make me not 'go') and more fat (seemed to make me have stomach cramps and heart burn). All in all I was miserable with all that in addition to feeling hungry and sleepy all the time. My diet prior to the switch was mostly bread, crackers and pasta, so I had a killer transition. I too posted a similar "I'm new and this sucks" post.

            It's all better on the other side though. Hang in there.