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Grok would have just eaten bugs, right?

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  • Grok would have just eaten bugs, right?

    Of course he would.

    I'm just not there yet. I picked up my CSA share today, and the kale was truly infested with aphids. It was curly kale, so they were encrusted in every little crevice of every single leaf. Maybe if I was truly primal, I'd have just eaten it anyway? But since I couldn't wash them off, and I couldn't face eating them, I threw it all away. What a waste

    What would you do?

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    I'm not there yet either
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      I bought broccoli once with the same condition. I wasn't there then and I'm not there now: to the trash (or compost) it goes.
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        I'd seal it in a bag, then call the CSA and ask them what was up with that.
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          By weight, insects contain more protein than chicken - don't know about aphids - I don't care - I'm not eating them.
          Personally I have a spray made from habanero chillies, a little olive oil and garlic which keeps most insects - and dogs at bay.


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            Pull it out, yelp, drop it, tweeze it between two fingers over to the trash can (my compost heap is too close to my oak trees for me to put aphids in there), and call the CSA.
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              I am sure Grok would (especially if that was the only thing available at the time), but I will not. Sorry, it just gross me out!


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                Well, we once ate broccoli infested with cabbage worms without knowing it. I discovered some remains of the steamed beasties while cleaning up the dishes. Made me look at my broccoli a lot closer after that, but we had no ill effects. lol
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                  Would soaking the kale in water have helped remove them? But yeah, why was it delivered at all? I would def notify the CSA. Maybe they can send extra of something next week.
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                    Last week I was digging through our 3/4 of the way eaten box o' spring mix (picking out the slimy pieces), and I got down to the bottom and voila! A HUGE dead cricket. :/ I screamed. The rest went in the trash!
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                      In defense of the CSA, they had an apologetic note saying that bad weather in Mexico, California, and Texas was causing supply and quality issues, though the specific example they gave ("muddy spinach") wasn't included in the batch. I'd have preferred mud over aphids.

                      If this is a recurring problem, I'll definitely complain. But I figure one aspect of a CSA is experiencing some of the ups and downs of the supply chain without necessarily expecting compensation. I gather that in the summer, this CSA allows members to browse around the grounds picking flowers and taking extra produce, so I think it will all even out in the end.

                      In the meantime, if I get hungry, there's a 1/4 cow in my freezer....

                      Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
                      Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food


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                        I feel like a lone voice in the wilderness here but... those bits of kale would go in my smoothie. I have no problem with the idea of eating bugs, and if I can completely eliminate any sight or sensation of bugs I am happy to munch them. (I used to eat mosquitoes to gross out my friends in elementary school, but my sister bettered me with a worm that I would just not copy.)

                        They don't taste like anything, especially in a smoothie with fruit and protein powder and stuff.


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                          Cook 'em up.

                          Edit: you eat bugs all the time.


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                            I assume Grok had a clue which bugs were safe to eat.

                            Just watching 'Human Planet' again. Previous episode - happy Amazonian children chomping down on toasted tarantula. This episode - canny Bushman digging up a very innocent-looking fat beetle grub to poison his arrows. One drop of beetle grub juice in a small cut, we're told, would kill him. (It certainly finished off the kudu they shot.) I wouldn't want that one in a smoothie.


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                              I don't plan on eating bugs unless I'm starving and without money.