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Making Sauerkraut

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  • Making Sauerkraut

    Here I am cabbage and salt in one hand, Kilner jar in the other, and I come across this...

    HTML Code:
    <a href="">The harmful effects of fermented foods</a>
    Now I'm confused. Is fermented food good or bad?
    Please be good,

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    Meh, that website looks quite the alarmist load of rubbish, IMHO.

    Here, try a countering opinion:

    Ferment away, my friend! (Sauerkraut - yum...)
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      That site looks to be just someones stupid opinions - no references, facts to back up the statements. I would love to see a nutritional breakdown of shredded cabbage, then of the fermented sauerkraut. Has it been done? That would certainly show the amount of nutrients remaining and any changes in the nutrients available.


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        Mark addresses the topic here.
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          I really want to get into making ferments, so far all I have is water kefir.
          Gluten intolerance and hypermobility syndrome

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