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Need help wieght loss has stopped

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  • Need help wieght loss has stopped

    I need help started primal last aug and loss 25lbs all good ,then it just stopped working ?? i put on 6lbs over xmas .started back in n year lost 2lbs but since then nothing ?? i have been doing intermittent fasting every day the last 8 weeks i have not eaten from 9pm till 12 noon not help i am out of ideas
    i am eating 12,00 eggs bacon toms mushrooms
    3.00 bit of fruit
    6.00 meat/fish veg
    bit of heavy cream ,85% choc as treats
    i am on a high dose of thyroxine 275mm would this be my prolem
    i am training 4 a 5k race 3 x week
    gym 3x w
    moutain biking 1to 2 times a week
    i dont know what more to do
    i am 53yrs male ,16s 4lbs was hoping to get under 15s
    any ideas please as i am starting to lose the plot

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    What do your workouts look like? Are you just weighing or also taking measurements?
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      Is your TSH within normal levels now?


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        Originally posted by Stig View Post
        i am on a high dose of thyroxine 275mm would this be my prolem
        This is your problem. Read
        It will help you understand thyroxine is not a very good medicine for thyroid problems.
        You will also learn that TSH is not a very good indicator of thyroid health. It is not even secreted by Thyroid.
        You will want to get Free T3, Free T4 and TSH all three to understand what the real problem is. You might also need to get RT3 test done.
        Also you would want to get on some dessicated thyroid preparation.
        You can also try Dr.Rind's temperature graph to understand how your thyroid is behaving. It also helps in determining if there is a latent Adrenal issue.

        Fix your thyroid problem first, only then you can start to fix your weight problem. Don't think that an endocrinologist is interested in your welfare, get educated.