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  • Eat when hungry, Don't when not...

    Okay I completely understand this point.

    The last couple days though it seems like I am hardly hungry at all. Yesterday for example I went until about 11 AM before I felt the slightest bit hungry and I was out with my wife and she was hungry so we stopped and I got me some breakfast. I ate the low-carb breakfast bowl from Hardees and was completely stuffed when I finished it. Then it was probably 6PM before I felt the slightest bit hungry again and so I ate me some ham and cheese rolled with two pickles and was stuffed again. Didn't eat again until about 10AM today.

    So does anyone feel like I'm not eating enough? Should I be trying to take in more? I know some people say they almost have to remind themselves to eat and I'm starting to feel like that might be the way I'm having to do it.

    Anyone else have a similar experience?
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    That might change as your body adapts, but it's perfectly normal to not be hungry until later in the morning. I wouldn't ever recommend forcing yourself to eat more...listen to your body. If you start feeling weak/sluggish, maybe trying increasing fats, but for now, go with it!
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      Sounds like your body is chowing down on your stored fat.
      You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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        from personal experience, this was my first few days (I thought "woohoo, appetite finally under complete control"). I didn't then suddenly get ravenous - but for sure I started to be hungry and need to eat and eat a generous amount too (meat, fat and veggies mainly). I have since found I seem to need 2 big meals a day - generally lunch and dinner and MAYBE a small snack in between sometimes.

        So don't panic, listen to your body, it won't "accidentally starve you to death"


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          Yeah, it's weird/cool, ain't it? Just ride this wave all the way in....
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            My appetite definitely cycles with this WOE. Sometime I am can go all day without eating and just have something small for dinner, then suddenly I eat my whole weeks worth of groceries in two or three days! It all averages out in the end
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              Originally posted by Grumpy Caveman View Post
              Sounds like your body is chowing down on your stored fat.
              This is probably true.