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No dairy. H*mp v Soy?

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  • No dairy. H*mp v Soy?

    I haven't drunk milk for some time now. I feel better without it. This is also going to include cream so using that in coffee as per Mark's advice isn't going to work.

    The one thing I'm not prepared to do without at the moment is my morning tea (in a 2 pint mug ). I simply don't function without it and while I can drink black/green/herbal tea quite happily later in the day I really, really have to have my standard cuppa with 'milk' in the morning.

    I have been drinking it quite happily with unsweetened Organic Soya Milk but various bits of reading suggest Soy may not sit too happily with my hormone concerns so I'm thinking of switching to H*mp Milk*mp-Milk.php

    Thread edited because the site didn't appear to like the drug references! You'll need to add an e back into that link

    It doesn't come up on Fitday when I search H*mp so maybe you don't have it in the US? Or maybe it just thinks I'm trying to find c*nn*bis cakes .

    Any thoughts on how this sits? Given I'm probably only looking at a cup a day should I really not worry about it (80:20 and all that).