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  • Is this a good diet?

    Tea with milk (should I give up milk and replace it with almond milk...not sure if that would go with tea)
    Lot's of sauteed vegetables (bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, lot's of spinach, carrots) sauteed in 1-3 tablespoons of butter
    2 grass fed Beef Bratwurst Sausages or 6oz Salmon.......I heard that processed meat is bad for you....the sausages are minimally processed (Ground Beef & Hot Dogs : Tallgrass Beef Store ? Home of America's finest 100% grass-fed beef!)

    Should I be eating steak instead of sausages? The serving size for the steak they have is 8oz which is quite large. Each sausage is 210 calories. Breakfast is probably 600-800 calories.

    Lunch: None

    Afternoon Snack:
    half cup of Walnuts. I want to have some coconut water but I guess I will skip it.

    Exactly same as breakfast (includes tea with milk)

    Before sleep:
    1 cup of blackberry, raspberry, blueberry combination. This would contribute at least 50g carbs and 25 grams of sugar.

    I repeat this everyday except on weekends where I swap the breakfast and lunch. On weekdays, I'm fasting at least 6-7 hours (from 9am-4pm) due to work (skip lunch). Should I be eating diff vegetables? I only eat organic and I can't find any organic Kale, collards etc.

    I'd say total calories is maybe 1500-2000? Should I be eating more fruits? The only organic fruits available to me are Pears, kiwis, apples, bananas.

    I don't want to eat non-organic because of all the pesticide residues. You can check all the pesticides they found at What’s On My Food :: Pesticides on Almonds

    Maybe the pesticide residues is what causes free radicals and inflammation, after all...pesticides coincide with the obesity and chronic diseases trend. Look at the pesticides for sweet bell peppers, 2 pages long, lot of carcinogens.
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    What's your height and weight, and how active are you?


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      I think it looks like calories are a bit low, but you haven't told how big you are or what your activity levels are like. High quality sausages are good to eat even on a daily basis. Eating the same vegetables is fine, although you will probably get bored of it if you don't switch it up. There is no lower limit for fruit, just eat a reasonable amount that makes you feel good. I wouldn't worry about skipping lunch unless you really like to. A fatty meal can take around 8 hours to fully digest, so your body won't be fasted between lunch and dinner anyways.


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        Is there a reason that you are limiting your diet selection? What about chicken, fish, eggs, other veggies? Throw in a sweet potato for variation? What else are you doing for healthy fats? Avocado, coconut milk with the walnuts? Macadamia nuts as a sub for the walnuts?

        What are your goals for fitness/health? If you have any activity level at all, I think that the above diet is going to be too restrictive, and leave you with food cravings and dissatisfaction. I know I would be bored of it in 1.5 days!


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          I also vote more variety. I don't know your current status or your health goals so I can't speak to levels of intake. The thing that's worrying me is how stiff this feels. Even though the food choices are all good, it has a bit of that regimented diet gulag feel that I used to get from CW eating. I just worry you'll burn out. Hence the variety. Food should be a joyful thing! Try some new dishes. Get some different veggies. Keep a rough eye on the macros, of course. You want the carbs and protein at a level the fits your goals. Make up the rest with good, primal fats. Beyond that, only eat when you're hungry and stop eating when you're not hungry any more.


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            Another variety vote here.....There are so many other great food choices.
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              I'm 5'7, 150lbs, 24, and have a desk job (used to be a long distance runner). Up until recently, I used to have a very bad diet (pizza, take out etc) when I was following my "regular" diet of rice and chicken. With this new diet, the fats taste very good (sauteed vegetables in butter is something I could eat everyday) and magically....I'm no longer hungry after 2-3 hours and the food taste satisfying enough that I don't want to order take out.

              When I started this diet, I used to have only vegetables with salmon lightly sauteed with olive oil. After 6 hours of fasting (work), my stomach would start churning. With this diet, it doesn't happen due to the amount of fat.


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                Fruit is great in moderation. I wouldn't eat that much fructose though.
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                  What are your goals?
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                    Why so little variety?? I don't think you need to eat more fruit, I think you need to eat more FOOD. You mentioned that you skip lunch at work, is this because you aren't hungry?

                    Also, 1 cup of mixed berries does NOT equal 50g carbs and 25g sugar. A whole cup of blueberries alone is only 20g carbs.


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                      Originally posted by Prime View Post
                      Why so little variety?? I don't think you need to eat more fruit, I think you need to eat more FOOD.
                      100% agree !!


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                        also i would eat every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism on tick over
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                          Originally posted by daveyace View Post
                          also i would eat every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism on tick over
                          lol, you're funny!
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