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stoped losing wieght after the first week.

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  • stoped losing wieght after the first week.

    Just finished my 3rd week of primal, i lost like 12 pounds almost instantly but the scale hasent budged since. I read this forum religioulsy so i know to eat plenty of fat and not fear it which am doing also i reallly feel i"m not over eating or undereating . I am doing the workouts that mark wants even the sprinting and i walk alot for my job. i've been doing the ketone sticks in the mornng and it comes up as trace or small amount, dont know if that helps. As far as the diet i been probally vlc or close to eat, i've even giving up fruit, the only thing i eat is meat and vegies and a lil cream in the cofee. in addtion i have been sleeping great, so i feel as i have all the bases covered could it be still a product of my body adjusting to this new diet/lifestyle?

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    Don't freak out, just stay the course. The 1st weeks is water you loosing from dropping the grains and such.


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      Same thing happened to me. Take photos and have a piece of clothing to measure yourself by, its a much better way to track your progress than the scale. You will find you look leaner and less soft. Hide the scale is what I finally had to do, it lowers your morale if you focus on only numbers. Go by how you feel and look. Consistency is key and stay active.


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        You wont see huge benefits every single week. My suggestion is to lose the scale for a month, and after 30 days check it out.


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          Same here - I've been primal for a month now, and have actually regained a little bit of what I lost. However, I feel better and look better, and my IBS is coming under control. For me, it's about healing first and I know that until my body is recovered then I'll hold onto the weight. I can't undo 48 years of eating crap in a month, even though some people here have been able to. I reckon stop weighing, and stop comparing yourself to the lucky ones who get the instant gratification!! It'll happen when it happens.
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          Tried basic primal and almost everything else in pursuit of IBS control, mood stability, and weight loss.

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            Glad I read this thread. Got on the scales today and only lost 1lb in 3 weeks! A bit shocked by this but belt has tightened a notch and never feel hungry eating primal so Im not getting hung up on it and WILL throw those scales out