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A wake up call



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  • A wake up call

    Well I had a horrible day yesterday. Not sure what was going on but I was craving everything and had a horrible binge last night on potato chips then ate a taco salad with corn chips. By 9pm I was feeling bad and went to bed only to wake 2 hours later in horrible pain and nausa. I think if I had thrown up I would have felt better. I suffered all night and by morning had the runs bad. I don't think it was food poisoing cause everyting I ate was from home. I was able to go on a 1 hour slow run this morning while still fasting but my tummy felt horrible. I hope I never forget this feeling. I logged my food intake from yesterday and it was 2600 calories yuck. I normally stay around 2000. Here was my days eats.

    banana, blueberries, walnuts and 2 poached eggs

    way too many nuts, seeds and rasins after I left Whole foods. I should have eaten lunch there but I didnt see anything I wanted or could eat so sadly I ate nuts.

    When I got home I fixed a salad then still starving so ate banana and peanut butter (Big mistake this is when the binging started)

    chips and salsa, then potato chips then finished the night off with 4 oz ground buffalo topped with sharp chedder cheese, salsa and banana peppers. I ate that with some corn chips.

    I havent eaten like this in a long time.

    After my run this morning I started my day with a small avacado, 2 boiled eggs and 2 fresh pineapple slices. Doing fine today not hungry after I ate this.

    well thanks for hearing my vent.

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    You fall off, you get back on. No one is perfect. I wouldn't see what happens as a negative or feel guilty about it, just see it as an experiment for finding out the right way to treat your body and how it reacts to different things. Plus, we are human, sometimes we do things that we know won't make us feel that good after, but feels good in the process.


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      It happens! I just ate some banana bread and a few crappy wafer cookies. I wish I hadn't, but I feel I have really started to get out of that "all or nothing" mindset with being Primal. I just try and focus on the present and not worry about the past. There is nothing you can change about what you ate! As the previous poster said, you just get back on. I am eating some meat, avocado and lettuce right now.

      I do think that I tend to crave and eat junk way less often now because every time I do, I feel crappy!


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        Thanks, today went much better. My stomach finally settled down around mid day today. Those potato chips were not worth that stomach ache. I worked today getting things in the fridge ready to grab when I have a hunger and crave like I did yesterday. I have boiled eggs already cooked and peeled in baggies and cooked some peel and eat shrimp and have them in baggies of 15 per bag. Need to grill up some chicken, I love cold chicken legs. Back at it and I think stronger than ever that this is the way to eat. Crap does nothing but make me feel bad. Hard to beleive 1 year ago I ate junk all the time and felt horrible all the time. Spent half my day back then in the bathroom with my so called IBS flares.


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          Yay for you getting back on the wagon! Grok on!
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