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  • Too much Protein?

    Sorry all - I've tried to find an answer to this question but I can't find anything specific so hopefully someone can verify (or not) what I'm wondering about. I'm just starting out and whilst not concerned about calories I've been logging food intake so I can start to get a rough idea of ratios.

    Lean Body Mass is 80lb so I should be eating (maximum) about 80g of protein per day? Breakfast was some leftover cold roast beef and a couple of eggs, lunch was a decent sized piece of barramundi fish and a big salad. They weren't huge portions but together with a dash of milk in my coffee I'm sitting at over 100g of protein for the day already.

    My carbs are fine (under 50 and I'm aiming for under 100) and my fat is currently at 55. But, unless I"m drinking straight coconut and/or olive oil, increasing fat will *generally* increase protein throughout the rest of the day.

    So I guess my basic question is: should I be concerned about these high protein levels? I've no doubt that I'll learn to juggle things a bit better as I go on but just curious about it at the moment.

    Many Thanks
    Reilly in Oz

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    I would not worry about it. Are you trying to lose, maintain, or gain weight? Protein is the most satiating macronutrient out of the three, so if your goal is weightloss eating more will only help. There's no rule that says that going over your LBM for the day is overkill, in fact you need to eat more protein when going low/lower carb because the body will convert some of the extra protein into glucose via gluconeogenesis if not enough carbs are eaten, as it needs a certain amount of glucose to function. Also, just because today's protein intake is high doesn't mean every day will be, it's more about looking at a week or two's worth of food and seeing the averages over that time period. Some days you might just crave fatty pieces of meat and fish, or just fat in general, and not eat much protein, which will cause you to fall short of your LBM; thereby making up for today which had a higher protein intake.


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      80lb LBM is very light. Are you sure? Are you able to get out of bed? Not meaning to be harsh, but 80lb really is very little
      Four years Primal with influences from Jaminet & Shanahan and a focus on being anti-inflammatory. Using Primal to treat CVD and prevent stents from blocking free of drugs.

      Eat creatures nose-to-tail (animal, fowl, fish, crustacea, molluscs), a large variety of vegetables (raw, cooked and fermented, including safe starches), dairy (cheese & yoghurt), occasional fruit, cocoa, turmeric & red wine


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        Joe - thanks for your re-assurance and advice. The ultimate goal is weight loss but I'm just settling in at the moment so I shall chill out a bit and monitor for the next few weeks or so as you suggested.

        peril - I'm sure about my calculations (also, I'm a girl) but have been wondering about the BF reading from the scales. I'm not very tall but the scales keep telling me that my BF is 49% which seems awfully high even if I do have to lose about 10kg! I think I'll seek out a second reading on the BF%. Thank you for your input.


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          Originally posted by reillyoz View Post
          I think I'll seek out a second reading on the BF%. .
          That would be a very good idea !


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            Originally posted by simodalcais View Post
            That would be a very good idea !

            and I wouldn't worry about over-doing protein anywhere near 80g a day from meat sources.
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              I don't know what protein numbers should be in terms of grams or whatever, but I have read somewhere that too much protein can stress the kidneys a little and contribute to gout. I do know that I suffered a pretty severe gout attack after being on PB for a couple of months. I've also heard that eating too much fructose contributes to high uric acid levels and gout, and I had begun eating quite a bit of fruit while on the PB.


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                I'd suspect the fruit regarding the gout unless you were supplementing protein.
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                  Originally posted by Sam Cree View Post
                  I have read somewhere that too much protein can stress the kidneys .
                  I read somewhere recently that the only studies concerning protein consumption and kidney health were done on people with existing renal disease .


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                    Did you really eat over 100g protein - doesn't seem like it when I read your list of foods?


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                      I thought this was a good post by Johnny at The Lean Saloon: Muscle Building 101 | The Lean Saloon

                      The point being that it's not how much protein one consumes, but more about what activities the body is put through to retain and use protein properly.


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                        Hi Sue - Yes I did according to Fitday. The eggs were over 12, the roast beef 26, milk in my coffee 10 (ok maybe that was more than a dash), the barramundi fish nearly 47 and other bits from my salad etc. I know the barramundi count is huge but it was 200g and I picked up the nutrient ratios from a (respected) Australian site so I'm not doubting the protein grams in it. I ended up at over 160g of protein for the day! It's not that *specific* amount that fazes me - it's comparing that amount to the recommendation that I should be eating 1g per lb of LBM.

                        Then again, I went to gym tonight and did some weights under the supervision of a PT. I asked him about my BF% (as per peril's point/query) and he laughed at 1. the idea that any common household scales were capable of respectably measuring such a thing and 2. that I had such a % of BF. He then advised me to (surprise surprise) watch my measurements and how my clothes fit. I didn't mention Primal eating to him because I'm not ready for that yet.

                        And as per John's post above - I came home after said workout and haven't eaten. I'm not hungry, I'm not feeling anything besides happy so I think I fueled the workout from 'stores' and why eat just because I think (CW?) I should? Current protein for the day - 125g.

                        Thanks everyone and any further feedback or comments are most welcome.